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head hunger

head hunger is real…

if you think you are hungry, drink something and see if that helps…but if you are really/truly hungry, eat

i am on soft foods today after my fill on thursday…and i am def dealing again with head hunger…

if you see someone eat, or see a fast food tv commercial or see the coupon fliers that come in the mail for the local resturant or notice that it is lunch time or supper time….you or i should say, i want to eat

food id great and food is good and food is not the enemy
choosing better options and minding your portions works, along with drinking a lot.

i had some soft scrambled eggs today and 2 pop sicles (not at same time) and i must say i think the fill is working…

my lap band and plication helps me only eat less…it is up to me to chose what to eat and to make choices and yes….exercise/move

yes, i didnt do good for a long time…BUT that doesnt mean it has to stay that way? I do have something to help me..and I am going to use it.

not just the lap band and plication but i am referring to ME




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