Knee Replacement Update

Here is my 8 1/2 month post op and last knee dcotor appt until my preop in January 2023.

The left knee looks great. My bend is spot on and the straight is as it should be. My right knee as you can see, is bone on bone. I can hear it crunch when I walk now. You want to talk about pain. Just know that my left knee was worse.

I look at the left knee and see the space in between and know that it is called comfort when I walk now compared to the right knee and this is what I keep focusing on.

My dr is the surgeon to the Carolina Hurricanes hockey team so I know I am in good hands. I have complete faith. It is so funny that he did the surgery in 42 minutes. It took me longer to sign in and prep for surgery!!

I had my last gel shot for this bad knee (it is very sore today and I am icing as I am here at work). I am just going to keep moving forward and try to stay as focused and positive as I can be and realize that it will continue to hurt until I get a new one.

My doctor said to remember where I was and where I am now and that he’ll fix it come January.

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NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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