Clothes do not lie

It is so important to be real with YOURSELF.

You can tell everyone how awesome you are doing and how well the (diet) is coming along but the clothes do not lie. IF you are wanting to lose weight, are you?

If you want to lose weight, change what you eat and if possible, move a bit. I am here to prove that you do not need to go to a gym to lose weight. I did it by merely being very strict on what I did eat.

I stop eating at 730pm at night and eat at 12 noon the next day. I drink a lot. (you will find that if you are hungry, drinking will most likely solve that and if it don’t, eat some protein).

There is nothing wrong with eating or food. There is only choices. Some choices are just better than others. But get that food is bad or a certain type of food is bad. My BBQ chips are not bad. They are just not overly good for me. See what I mean? And if I truly wanted one or two, I am sure it would not derail me but I am wanting a new 2nd knee more than a minute crunchy/delightful lust !!

So, I have a pair of pants in the bathroom. Every so often, I try it on to see how the progress is coming. It is getting there but my saggy stomach will delay that I am afraid but I am still trying.

As long as you try. That is what matters.

Use whatever motivation you need. Watch 600 pound life and think how easy it could be to get that size. Trust me when I say that I was there nearly 3x in my life. Wow. It is so easy to get there. I feel awful for them and I feel sad but I am also angry. Because they have a fucking choice. Most cannot move so the food is brought to them. Enabling someone is bad. My hubs sis was about 5 to 600 pounds and handicap and food was brought to her also. I seen if first hand. She got that size by over eating crappy food.

Fast/junk food is tasty and cheap and easy. I miss it. I will miss it always. Sure I can have it whenever I want but I choose not too. Yesterday, I had a kit kat bar. I sure did and it was delicious. I don’t regret it. I ate it and got on with living my life. I know that one item won’t blow my food intake.

So lets change our thinking and of course change what we eat and let the clothes be your guide.

NOTE that if you drink 8 oz of water, you will gain 8 oz. When you pee pee out 8oz, you will lose 8 oz. Stop weight yourself constantly. As I write this, I just ate my lunch. I am stuffed. My pants are (feeling) tighter. My belly full. However much that food weighed, is what I gained including the 2 cups of coffee, the diet coke, etc. Do you see what I am tossing at you? DO YOU SEE IT?

If you want to weigh yourself, go ahead but go by your clothes. They won’t change. If they are tight, you know what that means. IF they get a bit loose, you also know what that means.

Are you getting a clear picture?

I truly believe to make it as easy as it can be. Life is already tough. Why make this change tougher? Whether you want to lose 5 pounds or 500, it will come off the same exact way it went on, one pound at a time. When you have WLS, it helps you eat less but I can attest that you can (eat and drink) and regain the weight you may lose with WLS. You really have to change what and how you eat and yes, what you eat.

So, what is it you want to do? Lose weight? Exercise more? Feel better? That choice if yours.

You are perfect as you are. Right now. So what if we have excess skin (ahem ME) or excess weight (ahem me). We are as god made us, perfect. Now let us love ourselves enough to make ourselves well (healthy). Just take one step. Just one. Focus on one meal at a time.

JUST ONE change can make a huge difference.

Clothes won’t lie so don’t lie to yourself. YOU know if you overeat and eat junk/crap food. YOU know. That halloween candy bag did not get empty by itself girl. I just don’t buy it. I maybe strict but still…..hahaha

I believe in you. YOU believe in you to take one step to make a change.

I love wearing clothes, like I am today, that I bought years ago but was too fat to wear. No today, this shirt I love, is too big. But that makes me smile. Clothes don’t lie.

About North Carolina Keto Girl

NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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