Day in and Day out….

Yes, it does get boring. Yes, it does get old. Yes, it does get annoying. Yes, it does make you want to say i no longer want to do this. BUT if you truly want it, (lose weight/exercise more/change lifestyle etc), then you have to do it, day in and day out.

If you feel that you did not do well the last meal or yesterday, so what. That is correct. So what. You cannot change it. It is now your past. Your history. It can ever be fixed (or corrected). So, decide to do better now.

Make note please, that overeating and choosing different items to eat is not bad. You are not a weak person. You just chose to make the wrong decision. One meal will not make you gain a hundred pounds. But if you continue to eat like that (calories in versus calories out), then yes, you will gain weight. Sorry, but it is a fact. Trust me, I know this to be true.

When I started (again) Thanksgiving Day, 2020, I merely changed what I ate. Not the amount as I am a volume eater. I just change the foods. Yes, it works. If I ate BBQ and fast food, like I did, it was no wonder I got that size again. When I stopped, the weight came off. It came off quick also. I was very strict as I had to be (remember, I could hardly walk so I had to control what I ate). Day in and Day out..

You are the one who has to dig down deep and make the decision. I had to make that decision to stop drinking in 2018. No one else could do it for me. Same with my eating. No one can make me eat except me. It is me that chooses to eat whatever. If we go out, and we do now that covid has relaxed and now that I am able to, I make the choice to eat as clean (I mean as low carb as I can make it) as I am able. Sometimes, the choices are lacking but if you want it bad enough, you do it. You make it happen. You make the decision to not allow the (food, drink or whatever) control you.

You are stronger than you think. I can prove it.

Pretend you are on a rail road track. All of the sudden, a train is barreling towards you at 100MPH. Are you going to stand there and get hit OR are you going to move out of the way?

You are at a red light. Are you going to just drive through it?

You are at a bank. Are you going to rob it?

YOU are mentally stronger than you give yourself credit for.

I battle every single day (every hour sometimes) with self doubt, with negative thoughts, wondering if someone is mad at me or even likes me (wtf, I mean I am not in middle school anymore). I battle demons daily and let me tell you how hard that can be sometimes. I do this day in and day out. No weekends off. NO holidays off. The negative thoughts are always there. Ready to pounce if I have a bad moment or a weak moment.

I have never seen myself as a strong person. I am pretty passive. It takes a lot to get very upset. But I find that my feelings are hurt easy. I hate that about me but I am nearly 100 so I best learn to accept it.

I know the holidays are coming. Good eating time. Please eat and enjoy.

Day in and day out….. ♥

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NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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1 Response to Day in and Day out….

  1. Arlene says:

    Love this. I get pissed off when I eat bad but like you said, it’s over, gone, new day!
    Sweet Baby Ray’s makes a great sugar free BBQ sauce, don’t know the carbs, never looked.

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