Jan 28th

Well it’s getting close. That’s the day for my new knee on my left leg.

yes I’m nervous and yes I’m scared but I’m also very very excited and blessed and thrilled and anxious all at the same time

But I’m thankful to be able be healthy enough for the surgeon to say yes, let’s do this!

In the last year, since Thanksgiving 2021, I have lost almost 140 lb. So I’m proud of myself. I went from a whopping 28 pint-size to wearing a size 12 as I typed this.

So make this year your year.

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2022 Eve….

Page 364 of day 365:
My book is about to end for 2021. Thank you for all the good memories as I will cherish them forever. For the bad memories as I will hope it was a lesson learned and hope to never repeat. Getting ready to turn the page as I have much coming to me in 2022 🖤

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Tuesday Message

Everyday isn’t great but everyday is a blessing because I am still here and still fighting and still thriving.

My message today is to live everyday like it is your last. Give your loved one a hug or a kiss or tell them you love them or even do a reach around and grab that ass!! Do that thing that makes you afraid (I am on Jan 28th) and do it afraid and with grace because you are loved by the almighty and it WILL work out the way it is suppose to.  Believe ♥

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Sunday thought

We are what we repeatedly do 🖤

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Hang in there

Some days are better than others but you still have to get up and get on with it.

Day in and day out.

There are some days that I don’t think I could eat another egg or do without bread or potato chips.

BUT then I remember how it felt to be well over 300 pounds and how I had to use a can to walk..and that pretty much changes my mind about things.

In the winter months, some people could get sad due to the weather and not being able to go out etc.

I know that when we lived in MN (my hub was stationed there in Minneapolis), I rarely ventured out in the winter as

It was COLD and ice and well, I respect Ms Mother Nature.

So you need to do what you need to do to make yourself well.

Eat right (or better) or make better choices (little steps). Do not change everything all at once.

Drink more water (or water with added flavors). How do you know if its enough? Easy, pee all day and night!

Sleep. Get some good sleep.

Move. Do what you can with where you are now (physcially). Every little bit helps.

Keep a positive attitude. Hard some days but do try.

Hang in there

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Want Power and Keto

One of the things that I can say about getting my life back on track (via Keto) is that I am much happier.

My body doesn’t hurt as much and I love, LOVE being able to wear clothes I bought years ago and thought id never wear again OR come across some that I have NEVER wore because I was too f—ing FAT.

So, I will say that being low carb conscious is working for me.

Its been over a year since I have had bread, potatoes, rice, pasta and snack items in a box (cheese its etc).

Sometimes I miss it BUT I love losing weight more.

My main goal to lose this weight was to get a new knee so I could walk without pain.

Granted both knees are bad and so doing one at a time. Maybe at the end of next year, I can do the other.

Also, my son and his family are moving back to the states (and closer) to us, about 4 hours away, and I want to be

Able to WALK and have my grandbaby see her meme happy and healthy.

We all have a (reason) we want to be better via health, job, home, etc.

Once we get that vibe to just do it instead of just talking about it, there is no stopping..

You just go to want it it bad enough to do it.

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You can do absolutely anything that you want to. A year ago, I was over 300 pounds and could barely walk and had to use a cane. My knee surgeon said the only way he would operate with a new knee for me would be to lose weight. January 28th I will get a new knee because I knuckled down and got to it and did what I had to do to make myself well. You can too.

No matter if you have weight loss surgery or not or you have issues or not, all you have to do is eat better. Control your portions eat better food, non fast food less carbohydrates and you will lose weight. I cannot hardly exercise much less walk so I had this success without hardly any exercise. No excuses either you do it or you don’t.

I am not letting nothing stop me. Not anymore.

Stay blessed

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Happy day.

If you read this, eat if you are hungry. Just choose other options besides sigar and processed.

If you read this, drink drink drink!! Water is awesome. I add sugar free peach tea or lemonade with propel packets to help with my electrolytes. (Doing Ke to, o need extra). I drink constantly.

So focus on no sugar, no bread, no potatoes, no rice, no pasta and easy on fruit as that changes to sugar!!

And last, no eating after 700pm!! Fast all night til breakfast and then eat good.

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What is Keto?

So if you’re trying to figure out just what is keto, here’s an image that will explain it to you. Just keep in mind that everything that you do, in regards to eating better, and choosing to eat less carbs, will work. So read through it and if you have any questions let me know.

F y I do not do strict keto I do lazy Keto. I do not count anyting but I do make sure my calorie intake is a little bit less because of my knees and me not being able to do much exercising so I do take that into account. Because you got to burn off more calories than you take in to lose weight.

And I have lost 127 lb since Thanksgiving 2020 by doing Lazy keto. So it works. It’s not a gimmick it’s just basically eating low carb, no processed and no sugar.

Be blessed 💜

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Hello, it’s me ♥

Years ago I worked at a place where my boss, who was named Diane wore the shirt that I’m wearing in the picture and I loved it. But I was too big to fit into it at the time and she said if you ever can it’s yours so I lost the weight and got into it and then lo and behold gained it back because I’m a yo-yo. But let’s see what happened today… And here I am, officially, after yesterdays appt, 127 pounds off since Thanksgiving 2020.



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