Love overtime $

Super busy at work with state inspection and not a moment to write. All week, worked 7 to 630. Gotta love overtime money.

But…this is for you! I believe in you and I know got this. Keep going. Keep showing up. Keep staying in faith. I’m praying for you.

You got this

We got this

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What’s your why?

I’ve been asked this a lot lately. What motivates you daily? What’s your reason to work hard? Why did you stop drinking? What plans do you have for your future? If you have big goals, what are you doing to get you closer to them? Nothing? Anything?

When someone asks you what your *why* is? Will you have an answer?

What’s stopping you from your why?
Money? Time? Effort? Commitment?

My why is to be the best me I can be everyday. Physically, I want to be in the best shape I can be in. I want to help others get sober and in shape.

If the mind is strong, so is your body. I’m smart. I work hard. I have made a ton of mistakes and have to answer to those mistakes everyday. I love my hubby and son and grandbaby and daughter in law so much.

Life is short. Love hard. Work hard. Do better

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I hope..

Today I hope…

You don’t feel alone and that you feel loved.

I hope you don’t have emptiness. That you have happiness.

I hope you don’t cry tears of pain, but tears of joy.

I hope you don’t feel rejected, but accepted.

Today and everyday I hope you feel love, joy and happiness.

Thanks 4 reading.

I hope comment below.

Love ya

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Sad Sunday…

The last 2 days, my knees have hurt so bad. Not sure why, prob weather and RA combined. I am so tired of this. I feel some times like I am ready to throw in the towel and say f**k it. But like a tarheel, I am no quitter. Got a good man behind me saying I got you, keep going. So I will. Eryn deserves a great meme.

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Girl pep talk..

You’ve got this girl !! So pick yourself up , dust off that crown and keep going ❤

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Happiness and self respect…

There are some things money can’t buy.

Happiness, values, morals, integrity, inner peace, and dignity (just to name a few); all come with the decision to let yourself go and just be.

Be funny, be weird, be crazy, be cool, be sweet, be thoughtful, be caring, be a smart ass, be whatever you wanna be.

Just don’t do anything at the expense of yourself because then you’ll be bankrupt of the one thing that matters most:


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It’s too late…

No, it certainly is NOT!

Make today your #getyourshittogether start day!!!

Whether it’s health or fitness or happiness, a new job, a new career, a new attitude, a new relationship, a new whatever.. start doing ONE habit today that will get you closer to the goal that you want.

Today and everyday should be your national holiday as it’s your day ❤

Comment below and thanks for reading

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