Just a little reminder that is 100% okay to take a break from whatever.

For me, it was word press. But I needed some time away from it and that is totally OKAY.

I do find myself sometimes feeling guilty because of it and not posting but taking a time out

Is important for self care. It is difficult at times to allow yourself to switch off and reset but it is a good

Thing to do every now and again.

I do encourage you to take a little break from (whatever) facebook, twitter, wordpress, family or WHATEVER

You need to even if only for a hour or two or longer if you can. Having time to yourself is NOT a negative thing.

This is so helpful when you are feeling overwhelmed. And we push ourselves to keep to keep going even if we are struggling.

This can be toxic and unhelpful.

And if it gets too bad, those who struggle with things (alcohol/drug/overeating etc) could turn to that for comfort. I know this as these last weeks, I myself have wanted to go back to my Zombie Rum frozen drink many times over and had to literally stop myself from pulling in the parking lot. I can literally taste to the coldness and the zing of the 100 proof rum..

So let yourself have some space to breathe, reset, recharge, refocus, re (whatever).

It is okay for you to take that time for yourself.

YOU are amazing.

And don’t you forget it.


#okay #beYOU

#bepositive #timeOut

#takeaBreak #believe

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Something you need to say???

You got something you need to say? Say it. Got something you need to do? Do it. Got something you want? Go get it.

Your life will never be where you want it to be until you take action. Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.

We truly are the masters of our own destiny. Will you always get what you sought after? Probably not, but if you decide to take a course of inaction, you are destined to fail.

You already did by default. Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right. Think about dat!!!!

#truth #believe

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Sorry, been away

The good you find in others, is in you too. The faults you find in others, are your faults as well. After all, to recognize something, you must know it.

The possibilities you see in others, are possible for you as well. The beauty you see around you, is your beauty.

The world around you is a reflection, a mirror showing you the person you are. To change your world, you must change yourself. To blame and complain will only make matters worse.

Whatever you are about, is your responsibility. What you see in others, shows you yourself. See the best in others, and you will be your best. Give to others, and you give to yourself.

Appreciate beauty, and you will see beautiful. Admire creativity, and you will be creative. Love, and you will be loved.

Seek to understand, and you will be understood. Listen, and your voice will be heard. Show your best face to the mirror, and you’ll be happy with the face looking back at you………

We get back what we give out…….I’ve said it before, but being positive may not always insure you get positive back, but being negative almost always brings more negative……

I call it coming clean with yourself. Do the things you KNOW you need to do, and then if it turns out bad, you don’t have to feel bad about yourself, because you know in your heart that you did all you could do, and merely failed.

If you put in a minimal effort and fail, it will eat up inside, and you will feel bad about yourself. Simply put, do what’s right and you feel bad about the situation, but don’t need to feel bad about you……if it’s the other way, you can’t escape the bad feelings, because you know in your heart, you caused it.

Be honest with yourself.

Admit your faults and fix them. And be sure to love yourself, and others will love you back…..Be happy’s the most important thing you can do for yourself…. ❤

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Be vulnerable…

Vulnerability has long been associated with weakness.

Yet is it not the allowance of ourselves to be vulnerable that truly defines strength?

For it takes courage to be vulnerable, it is surrendering one’s emotional guards in allowance of what the universe may bring.

To mask one’s vulnerability in pretend indifference or invincibility is to look away from one’s true self, it is refusal to truly grow ones strength.

Dare to be vulnerable and discover how powerful you truly are.





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Rock bottom and stuff

The best way to deal with hitting rock bottom is to know there is a way back up.Sometimes you meet the wrong people to meet the right ones and it maybe a blessing or a lesson or both. Trust me, I know.For me when I am hurt the most, it is where I get strongest. Of course after co cried, pigged out or got drunk.I work hard every day on myself to become the best version of myself. It is what I do now.I live life now with a purpose, and try to do everything in my possible to live in it with grace, dignity and respect.If people in my life doesn’t share those values and accept me the way I am, there is no point to waste more energy. No drama allowed.In life, people will come and go.We can never waste energy to be someone else image! Build your own image and feel proud and happy with yourself.We all make mistakes and when we realise THIS, merelyAccept itAcknowledge itAnd then move forward.Never look back as your not going that way anymore.#nodrama #sober #bePositice#trust #rockbottom #patient#acceptance

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One small change

A lot of times, we can get caught up in the big picture and not seeing that we can start changing our life right now.

Small changes can bring about positive differences in your life, and allow you to climb out of the negative trenches and shine one day at a time.

Make one small change per day 🖤

#small change




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Look around you- There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy…even in these times of bleakness and fear 🖤

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Yes, it’s YOU

The world is full of some really terrible people. People that will say and do things that will make you sad, hurt and at times mad. There are people that will stop at nothing to make your life miserable for no other reason than they can.

Then I realize there are truly wonderful people in the world.

People who would do anything for you. People who make you smile. People who make you feel good about yourself. You know the people who restore your faith in humanity type of person. These are the people who should be front and center in your life.

I want you to look in the mirror. You are one of the better angels in the world.

Like I said, it’s YOU

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Be brave ❤

Listen, friend, today you have a choice.

Live in fear or live in hope. And I know that fear can be loud and it can be overwhelming.

But hope is more powerful.

But it takes work.

It takes you deciding to challenge your fears and to replace them with inner peace.

It is is brave to keep fighting. But sister, you are worth it. Yes, YOU

Look for the good inside you.

It’s still here, still tucked within.

You are enough and wonderful.

And brave ❤

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What we are not..

We are not our:


Nor are we what anyone, no matter how much we love or respect them, tells us or thinks that we are.

Let’s not define ourselves!!

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