It’s ok

You’re about to overcome something you’ve been dealing with. Your mind and heart will soon be at peace again. The weight will soon be lifted off of you.

Be patient.

Stay strong.

Everything will be okay.

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Weekend drunk

How to stay sober this weekend?

1- have a plan.
….if you know it’s going to be hard to sit poolside or boat-side then do not go!!! It won’t always be hard to say no. This year, skip it. Don’t go! When your sober confidence is stronger, then go out. For now? Lay low and chill tf out.

2- practice your no.
….write down your reasons for not drinking. Pen to paper, write them down. Then say them out loud. Over and over. Look at yourself when you say them and remember your why.

3- pack alternatives.
….if you are confidently sober and ok with N/A beer, pack a cooler full. Staying sober is hard when your friends are giving you grief for not drinking. If you look like you’re drinking people tend to leave you alone. Pack fizzy water. Topo Chico, San Pellegrino and Perrier with limes are incredibly good on hot days. They also look like cocktails. Also, sometimes the urge goes away with a placebo in our hand.If you don’t want to lie, tell them to STFU and enjoy your mocktail in peace.

4- remember hangovers suck.
….you’re literally baking in the sun sweating your ass off. Alcohol is dehydrating. You will feel like shit. Hands down. Guaranteed. Just don’t do it. Literally, it’s dumb. Don’t be dumb. Be the smart girl.

5- people are assholes, generally speaking. Eye candy taught me this.
….people that want you to drink even after you say you don’t want to, are assholes. They aren’t your friend. Anyone that disrespects your choice to not drink doesn’t have your best interest at heart. Also they likely have a program and your strength threatens the story they tell themselves that they don’t have a problem. So if they pressure you, remember this fact.

6- keep your phone on you.
….hey you have your phone on you like every minute of everyday. Find my page. Find ANY sober page and bookmark your fav posts and go back and reread them. No one has to know what you’re doing.

7- sobriety is cool.
….do you know how hard it is to be sober in this day and age? Of course you do! Do you know who does hard things? BADASSES! You are a rebel badass! You are a non conformist. You are breaking down stereotypes and setting trends. You are the coolest kid in town.

Yes, I am ❤

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For me, a choice

Change your mindset, change your life. ⠀⠀

For so long I didn’t see the value in sobriety. I thought sobriety meant limitations and a new list of things I had to do. It just seemed like one big endless chore. ⠀⠀
My mindset was ass-backward.

Releasing alcohol has given me freedom. The freedom to choose. I get to find peace. I get to focus and be present for things in my life. I get to step into who I really am and I get to enjoy every damn minute of it. ⠀⠀
Sobriety isn’t a burden or a chore, it is a choice.

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Wednesday pep talk..please read

BELIEVE in yourself….!!!


You have 2

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Tuesday tune up

Good morning & Happy Tuesday.

Here we are with another beautiful day, and another chance to get it right, a chance to be a better person, a chance to be the person we want to be, a chance to be the person we want others to see when they see us……… a chance to be able to look in the mirror, and feel good about who we see looking back.

It really is easy to just be nice to others, be kind, and treat them the way you want to be treated yourself.

So go out there today, share some smiles, show some love, and be somebody you’re mama would be proud of

You can do it!!!

Have a great day !!!!

🌞🌈 PEACE!!! ✌

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YOU..please read

Today know That You Can And You Are Beautiful 🌸🌹🦋

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Always hold your head up high.

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