60 down- Keto

In the 2nd week of November, 2020, I decided to jump on this bandwagon..Keto

I basically stopped eating potatoes, starch, beans or anything with sugar…and no cheating….

Down 60 pounds…



Using my lapband again

Focus on protein and good fat

Low carb

Drink a lot

Fasting between 730pm till 12/1 the next day

Can be done…if you want it

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Do it today.

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Accept yourself..

Simply reading these words, you can see and feel how embowering and how joyful this idea and practice of honoring your body as a gift – as a sacred container – really and truly is.

Ask yourself just one question right now and focus on your one honest answer.

Where do I need to honor my sacred container?

What part of me am I neglecting and what can I do to make a change?

Only you can make that change.

Sending you love and releasing you from any self judgement 🖤

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Truthful Friday

I spent some time yesterday thinking about the last couple of years when I became clean and sober.

A lot has changed.. a lot of it for the good and a lot of food for the better… it’s a wonderful thing to wake up without a cloud in mind everyday where you’re not hungover or feeling nauseous.

It’s a wonderful thing to wake up and just be alive. I know there are a lot of people who don’t have that luxury anymore or they’re so caught up in their addiction they’re on a downward spiral. An addiction doesn’t just have to be alcohol or drugs, it can be whatever affects that person.

I have realized also that I don’t have a lot of people that I call friends. The people I hang out with lately due to the pandemic are just the people that I work with and my husband.

Some me laugh at me because I take social distancing extremely seriously… but I am doing what I have to do because of where I work. If I get the virus, I don’t work. So I’m trying to do everything in my power to make sure I don’t get that.

I’m very lucky to have a husband who believes in me and supports me and also still social distances for me.

Yes he’s going to Daytona Beach Bike Week but I believe that he will Social distance and he will wear his mask and he will be cautious. But he also needs to live and he deserves it.

So sometimes I sit and think I wish I had a real good friends that I could talk to every single day but you know what….what-you-see-is-what-you-get.

I am me and if people don’t like me because I don’t party or cut up or go out as often, then so be it. I’ve never been one that fit in with the crowd.

And you know what that’s okay. So if you’re struggling with something hang in there. Tell those demons to get back and know that you’re never alone. Don’t forget to always look up 🖤


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Mess up your day..

There are over seven billion people on this planet. DO NOT let one person mess your day up!

Never give someone that control over you. But also, don’t be the ass that messed up someone elses day, either.

You never know what just happened to someone. They could have just gotten fired, found out they have cancer, or just lost a loved one. Or they may just be having really bad day so far. Don’t add to it. Keep a smile on YOUR face.

Only YOU can control how YOU act & react. If we can all just try to keep our own attitude in check, the rest will all work out.

Just imagine if everyone did this for just one day! What an awesome day that would be.

Let’s do our part to make today, & everyday, that day. Smile, it’s pretty damn easy, & it looks so good on you.

Chin up bitches, life’s too good & too short for anything less than happiness. We all need & deserve it.

Find your peace 🖤✌😎

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Struggle Saturday

I see you.

I see you behind your busy.

Behind the keeping it all together.

And behind your I’m fine.

I see you.

I see your strong.

I see your showing up even when you dont want to.

I see your tired.

I see your worried.

I see you.

I see your good.

I see your caring.

I see you deal with your past.

I see that sometimes you need to be told how that you are enough.

I see how hard you try.

I see you stumble.

I see you stand up again.

I see your brave.

I see your courage.

I see you because you are like me.

I do see you.

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Stop with excuses

The fact is, your excuse should be your reason.
Here’s mine..

* No one helped me –> BUT you didn’t try..

* I ran out of people to talk to about my problem –> Nope. You ran out of people you were comfortable to talk to. (I keep my circle very small)

* No one cares –> no one created this issue. It’s yours, own it. Its your thinking. Change it.

* I don’t like my support system –> you are your support system. Boom!!

* Everyone I talk to doesn’t understand –> expand your circle. Find people that understand. And get rid of those who don’t!!

* I’m not a people person –> change! Or keep being sick and tired of being sick and tired.

* I tried it, but it didn’t work –> Nope. You didn’t work…and you can’t “try” to do something and succeed at it. Keep it it!!

* It was too hard –> you didn’t develop the skills for it to get easier. This could be as easy as keep repeating it day after day.

* My family was negative –> so are most people’s families. Especially when we’ve hurt them as many times as we have. This is true but I do not live in that past with my family anymore. I’m a grown adult. What happened happen, I have to live in the now not the past.

* I lost focus – you stopped listening to your support team and grew complacent.

* I have a spouse and kids –> so do most people. That should be a motivating factor to get sober.

* I have a full-time job –> so do most people. Anything you put before your recovery ..you will lose.

* I’m just broken. I will never get sober –> you are broken. You didn’t fix yourself. That’s like saying the roof is leaking and I expect it to stop without fixing the origin of the leak.

* You say, “I’m not making an excuse, but…” –> that’s an excuse.

How about you get motivated. For me, this is life or death. It’s that simple and I don’t make excuses to die, I make excuses to live. I didn’t make excuses when I needed to get high. I will create reasons to get sober. Make a call. Reach out to who you have to 🖤


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Peace and forgiveness

I’m sure there are people in your life that are triggering you right now.

There is a lady who I work with who I just really cannot for the life of me, like as a person. She is the most rudest, nastiest Vibe person that I know. She talks down to everybody and I just cannot get past that. And it upsets me and frustrates and angers me so bad. I’m the one who seems to be suffering…

Holding onto that anger isn’t hurting them, it’s hurting you. If it’s really eating you alive, the only solution is forgiveness.

Forgive them for not seeing the world the way you do. Forgive them for the mistakes they made. Forgive them for the way they treated you and the things they’ve said. Don’t do it for them, do it because holding on to this anger is hurting YOU.

To forgive them, you’re not condoning what they’ve done. You’re letting go of wishing things could be different and accepting things as they are instead.

And remember, you don’t need to see them, talk to them, or reconnect with them in order to forgive them. That’s because forgiveness is not for them, it’s for you

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Happy V Day

Love isn’t all hearts and flowers. Sometimes, love is asking if you’ve remembered to take your vitamins or drunk enough water.
Love is a friend who checks in on you, even when you say you’re fine.

Love is a family member who worries you’re making the wrong choices, and that can often feel like anything but love, but the truth is, they live in fear of you getting hurt because they feel every inch of your pain along with you.

Love can come in all shapes and sizes but never does unconditional love look like an expensive gift or a romantic weekend away. That’s just frosting.
You’re more likely to find it in a cup of tea, made just for you.

Love is real and ugly and shouty sometimes.
Lots of tears and lots of pain as the people involved break and bond and grow together as humans.

Valentines Day should be about counting all the love you have in your world and giving gratitude for it – that may not look like a steak dinner for two…
and that’s ok.

If you are loved my friend, you are blessed.

And if you have found some love for yourself along the way, then you are really winning at life.

That’s worth celebrating.

Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️

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choose yourself!

choose to feel your emotions, honor your needs, and entertain your desires.

sink into your needs and wants at this moment. what is your mind, body, and soul craving?

choose to honor yourself in every moment.

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