lap band basics as i see them

here are my lap band basics:


drink a lot…

(no carbonation aka diet soda or things with sugar)..i know if i am going to the bathroom a lot, i am doing my job via fluid intake.  i aim for 90+ oz a day. some days i may hit it and some i may not..but i drink all the time and never leave home with out my trusted bottle



yes you need to eat to lose weight..dieting or not eating does NOT work…3500 calories is a pound ate or drank so drink/eat smart…eat protein, eat veggies, eat fruit….eat what you want but make smart choices..i do not eat rice, (or potatoes) or pasta or things from a box…those items are full of things my body does not bet they taste good……i do eat french fries every so often (i mean those are awesome) and bbq chips but when i do, i dont sweat it..i just eat and move on …it wont kill me and it wont make me gain 100000 pounds….so if you are hungry, EAT



walk, run, jog, have sex……movement…when i started this WLS saga, i could hardly walk..we all have to start somewhere…i just now walk or do my step aerobics (i havent lately because i am outside walking)…as long as you do something (something you like) continue to do it…as the weight comes off, as you gain better strength in your legs/arms, you will gradually do more…little little adds up to doing it…..move your ass dammit


stop whining about having a stall or not losing..

this is the latest fad in WLS on the bariatric pal forum.(and one reason i no longer use that forum)….if one doesnt lose weight they are now in a stall. i call that BS..your body is working 24/7..if one is eating, moving and losing inches, you are getting healthy. that is diet thinking and it will be the do in for you…so stop whining…do what you need to do and get on with are only hurting yourself…your mental attitude will get you everytime…as my ole says, get over yourself already





as long as you try……how can you fail


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NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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