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lost 30 pounds in 6 weeks ONLY, what gives…..

here is my response to this question on BP forum: if you are losing *inches*……aka current clothes getting bigger on you or having to buy smaller clothes, then you ARE losing regardless of what a stupid scale says or does … Continue reading

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Todays Lesson…

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have NOT but remember what you have now was once what you once HOPED for..    I let my ins denial to skin surgery grab hold of me and turn … Continue reading

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lap band basics as i see them

here are my lap band basics:   drink a lot… (no carbonation aka diet soda or things with sugar)..i know if i am going to the bathroom a lot, i am doing my job via fluid intake.  i aim for … Continue reading

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when i look in mirror

when i look in mirror i still see the super morbid obese woman i was for many years..that woman who could hardly walk and who had trouble wiping her butt after going to the bathroom..i had to wear stretch skirts … Continue reading

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only lost a small amount…………

you should know and will learn, and please understand a loss (any) no matter how small or big…..fucking counts  please give yourself a break and not go into this with expectations you feel are needed as if you dont meet … Continue reading

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