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Clothes do not lie

It is so important to be real with YOURSELF. You can tell everyone how awesome you are doing and how well the (diet) is coming along but the clothes do not lie. IF you are wanting to lose weight, are … Continue reading

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Being honest

No matter what is going on in your life, when you wake up everyday, be honest with yourself. Have you done your best? Have you truly took care of yourself? Be honest. My blog is about losing weight. You can … Continue reading

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Hello, it’s me ♥

Years ago I worked at a place where my boss, who was named Diane wore the shirt that I’m wearing in the picture and I loved it. But I was too big to fit into it at the time and … Continue reading

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Diet soda…..Love affair

the day i started my pre op was the last time i had diet soda (2 1/2 years ago)..dont miss it i also did the decaf during my 2 1/2 week pre op by order of my doctor…..after surgery, he … Continue reading

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Am I going to fail?

We have all been on so many diets in the past and failed we can’t imagine when something could finally work for us (our chosen WLS) and when the scale slows or even skooches up a bit or maybe we … Continue reading

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i can eat 2 steaks with the lap band…why is that?

here is my response to a post on bariatric pal.com. a person said they could eat 2 small steaks with no problem and the band (should have stopped them) from doing so…but they seem to be having (restriction or lack … Continue reading

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ongoing debate over getting any WLS

there are horror stories with anything (even getting a pedicure has risks) as others before me have said, its about health…or it should be…when we are healthier, we feel better and it shows on the OUTSIDE as well as the … Continue reading

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lap band basics as i see them

here are my lap band basics:   drink a lot… (no carbonation aka diet soda or things with sugar)..i know if i am going to the bathroom a lot, i am doing my job via fluid intake.  i aim for … Continue reading

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living life after lap band surgery

  here i am riding behind my hub on our road king harley davidson   after losing nearly 170 pounds, i am LIVING here are some things i have done recently…all thanks to my lap band and ME  🙂 me … Continue reading

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Watch Out Joan Crawford….best Actress Oscar Goes To…

I would consider myself an actress. Because if I am embarrassed, I can just laugh it off and act like nothing bothers me…but the difference is that it does…….and I head straight to the food to make it all better…food … Continue reading

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