tight fittin’ jeans…

right before the new year, i put some pants on that were (tighter than they use to be) ARGH

i dont need to own a scale to tell me what that meant (it was the cheese/crackers at xmas time) and bbq chip snacking…it was me taking in more calories than i burnt off with movement/exercise…sure i could not eat (a lot due to my WLS of choice (lap band with plication) BUT i still could snack/graze and that is what i did with the best of them…and YUP, tighter jeans.

SO i knuckled down on my eating (i cant eat much still) and recently got my first very small wee fill…YEAH and i can tell a difference as i am not overly hungry sooner than i use to be..i told my dr i wanted the lap band to do more of the work then just (ME)…i am making another appt next month to get some more added it…i am aiming to have that band work..as much as i endured getting it and making it work…i expect it too even more so and it DOES work..it wont let me overeat…which is awesome

ANYHOOOOOO…as i was saying, i started eating better (and) exercising more and def making it a must do thing…like when i get home from work…to walk before i can enjoy my zombie beverage….seems only fair…and now that i am tanning again, i must walk, tan and then i can enjoy my zombie beverage/refreshment..some days i need that rum more than other days LOL

and so today i put on a pair of britches that were kinda tight/button straining LOL and today…not as tight and easier to button…can you say a sign of (accomplishment)..yes..as we all know how that feels..to put on a shirt or pants that you couldnt get on or were way to tight to breath and then all of the sudden you can…WOW oh WOW what a great feeling…

and NO i dont own a scale. i went through that stage and it was brutal. drink something and weigh and go up due to liquid and be all depressed and have a big pig out…figured i gained so i may as well really have a fucking gain….. or have a big poop and lose weight and i am happy again..see the vicious cycle????
so hub wont allow us to have one..this is correct…he will NOT allow us to have one in our home…

so i have to use another method..clothes
it is a sure sign if you are losing true/actual weight
the tight fittin jeans dont lie……

but the scales do…..keep that in mind (when you start spazzing out for no reason) and remember if you overeat in private, those jeans may not button…regardless of what you write down on a food journal or tell someone…

so today, i am wearing my tight fittin jeans and my wedges..

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NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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3 Responses to tight fittin’ jeans…

  1. Eye Candy says:

    wonderful!! open toed shoes, I am sooooooooo jealous as we northern people freeze our tootsies off in our Ugg boots.
    I tried on a pair of loose jeans on that are now too tight. I didn’t blame me like you did, I b;amed the dryer. LOL.

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