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Jan 28th

Well it’s getting close. That’s the day for my new knee on my left leg. yes I’m nervous and yes I’m scared but I’m also very very excited and blessed and thrilled and anxious all at the same time But … Continue reading

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Tuesday Message

Everyday isn’t great but everyday is a blessing because I am still here and still fighting and still thriving. My message today is to live everyday like it is your last. Give your loved one a hug or a kiss … Continue reading

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Sunday thought

We are what we repeatedly do 🖤

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Hang in there

Some days are better than others but you still have to get up and get on with it. Day in and day out. There are some days that I don’t think I could eat another egg or do without bread … Continue reading

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Want Power and Keto

One of the things that I can say about getting my life back on track (via Keto) is that I am much happier. My body doesn’t hurt as much and I love, LOVE being able to wear clothes I bought … Continue reading

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You can do absolutely anything that you want to. A year ago, I was over 300 pounds and could barely walk and had to use a cane. My knee surgeon said the only way he would operate with a new … Continue reading

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Happy day. If you read this, eat if you are hungry. Just choose other options besides sigar and processed. If you read this, drink drink drink!! Water is awesome. I add sugar free peach tea or lemonade with propel packets … Continue reading

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What is Keto?

So if you’re trying to figure out just what is keto, here’s an image that will explain it to you. Just keep in mind that everything that you do, in regards to eating better, and choosing to eat less carbs, … Continue reading

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Hello, it’s me ♥

Years ago I worked at a place where my boss, who was named Diane wore the shirt that I’m wearing in the picture and I loved it. But I was too big to fit into it at the time and … Continue reading

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How you doing??

Sorry I have wrote in a while. I was a bit under the weather last week and over Thanksgiving. Can you believe that? BUT I am alive and doing good. The doctor gave me some ABX and I am good … Continue reading

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