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Me..who I am…

Fat.. yes I am and I’m short too so I look twice as wide haha. But what you see is who I am. If you don’t like me, then that’s fine. I’m in my mid-fifties I don’t know how much … Continue reading

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Tattoo that made me cry

for fathers day, i paid for my hub to have a session to fill in some spaces on his sleeve/left arm. his right arm is covered 100%……anyhow….he came home and i was checking out his arm and then he turned … Continue reading

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tight fittin’ jeans…

right before the new year, i put some pants on that were (tighter than they use to be) ARGH i dont need to own a scale to tell me what that meant (it was the cheese/crackers at xmas time) and … Continue reading

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It is how we wear it…

well i wore this as a obese person and i wear it now only i now wear it with confidence… tight blue jeans black v neck sweater and 6 inch high heels…. its not what we wear but how we … Continue reading

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me and hub and a dog named kabo

it was gorgeous weather here in nc this afternoon…i got some sunshine therapy as my friend kelly refers to it i laid out in the sun, read a new book (a new christmas story by debbie macomber) and enjoyed some … Continue reading

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Stress and my lapband and fluro xray

When my mother died I felt a huge loss and it affected me mentally and physically. I had no idea how much it did until days later. Stress is a bitch let me say this right now My chest hurt … Continue reading

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