Stop with excuses

The fact is, your excuse should be your reason.
Here’s mine..

* No one helped me –> BUT you didn’t try..

* I ran out of people to talk to about my problem –> Nope. You ran out of people you were comfortable to talk to. (I keep my circle very small)

* No one cares –> no one created this issue. It’s yours, own it. Its your thinking. Change it.

* I don’t like my support system –> you are your support system. Boom!!

* Everyone I talk to doesn’t understand –> expand your circle. Find people that understand. And get rid of those who don’t!!

* I’m not a people person –> change! Or keep being sick and tired of being sick and tired.

* I tried it, but it didn’t work –> Nope. You didn’t work…and you can’t “try” to do something and succeed at it. Keep it it!!

* It was too hard –> you didn’t develop the skills for it to get easier. This could be as easy as keep repeating it day after day.

* My family was negative –> so are most people’s families. Especially when we’ve hurt them as many times as we have. This is true but I do not live in that past with my family anymore. I’m a grown adult. What happened happen, I have to live in the now not the past.

* I lost focus – you stopped listening to your support team and grew complacent.

* I have a spouse and kids –> so do most people. That should be a motivating factor to get sober.

* I have a full-time job –> so do most people. Anything you put before your recovery will lose.

* I’m just broken. I will never get sober –> you are broken. You didn’t fix yourself. That’s like saying the roof is leaking and I expect it to stop without fixing the origin of the leak.

* You say, “I’m not making an excuse, but…” –> that’s an excuse.

How about you get motivated. For me, this is life or death. It’s that simple and I don’t make excuses to die, I make excuses to live. I didn’t make excuses when I needed to get high. I will create reasons to get sober. Make a call. Reach out to who you have to 🖤


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6 Responses to Stop with excuses

  1. Arlene Showstack says:

    That is great. It’s not just about drinking either, because I was never a drinker. Eating, gambling, just spending money on 💩 I don’t need 😘💐

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  2. Wow thank you for this blog !

  3. Kelly says:

    Loved This Article. I learned so much and i agree with BCG. You should post more about this on your blog. I have used many methods that have helped me with my weight loss journey but the most effective method was the Flat Belly Fix System. I was able to lose 7lbs in a week. You can check it out here . I suggest you watch full video because it breaks down everything you need to know, but it also has a prefer to read option. Thanks again for the great content.

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