Zig’s 5 things for everyday

***are my comments***

1. Breathe

Take the time to pause and take a big breath. Continually do so to help calm down when your mind is racing. ***Or count to 5 or 10 or whatever works..Nothing wrong with a time out***

2. Be intentional

Tend to the current responsibilities you have so that it is easier to live according to your values. Make sure you are living in the moment. ***what’s done is done and never to return..all we can do is to do better today…right now***

3. Focus on abundance and not on scarcity

When you take that mental shift towards what you have in life to be grateful for, instead of what is imperfect or lacking, you find that no matter what happens, your life is wonderful. Although the future is uncertain, you will turn out just fine.  ***even though it may not seem like it, what we have now and where we are today is pretty darn good. believe it or not, someone out there would like to be where we are today***

4. Take care of yourself

You can’t be at your personal best when you fail to take care of yourself. Make sure you are healthy and cared for so that it is easier to take care of yourself when you are transitioning in life. ***YOU..ME are and what IS important. It is up to us***

5. Let go

Realize that you need to let go of your expectations and worries about the future and regrets from the past. But when you let go, realize that is a process that needs to be repeated moment by moment in a conscious effort. ***let go of what we cant change..this is hard for me to do…let go and move onto NOW***

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4 Responses to Zig’s 5 things for everyday

  1. Very good words! It is always hard for me to live in the moment. Always the future or the past, never the moment.

  2. I can find the all scary really. The present maybe the most because I know what I do then can impact the future but yes, we can change and do better!

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