Self Love

borrowed this from this fantastic (see below) blog

I saw some much of myself in this that it made me cry. For Real.


It all started when I noticed I gained weight then I decided to weigh myself on scales. After that, I spiraled. I felt horrible about my body.
I started to punish myself, I stopped buying the food I wanted to buy, told myself all sorts of things that made me feel worthless.

Self love is hard. It’s not a destination. It’s something you always work on. We have to undo everything we’ve ever been told about how our bodies should be and remind ourselves that we are beautiful just the way we are.

I have days that are harder than others but that’s just how it is.
I would not call the past week a failure or hate on myself more for hating on myself in the first place. Acceptance is key.

Words of wisdom that reminded me that my body is beautiful:

🙏🏻 I’m am exactly where I need to be
💖 Your happiness shouldn’t be determined by your weight
🌟 I am fucking radiant
🙅🏻‍♀️ The number on the scales does not define you
💡 Losing weight won’t cure negative body image
💕 Your worth isn’t measured by the size of your waist

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