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It’s also how you eat!

A superb blog post on **How to Eat*….give a read

Alan Fitness: Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach

how to eatQuite often, people call who inquire about my weight loss programs who insist that they eat healthy and they just can’t figure out why they can’t lose weight.  Now much of the time, people who eat “healthy” don’t really know what healthy eating entails and we have to make corrections in their overall diet. Other times, they are truly eating healthy.  They have a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, they use only whole grains, and they stay for away from junk and highly processed foods.  Those people usually have a problem with portion distortion; meaning they are just eating too much, even though it is healthful food.  But the one way we overcome all of these problems is by learning how to eat.  How we eat includes the concepts of mindful eating but there are definite do’s and don’ts while we are eating.   This will automatically help you…

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