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It is up to you..

The goal today is to be better than I was yesterday. A life of structure, and consistency is an amazing thing. I don’t know what today will bring or what my future holds, but I do know that those days, … Continue reading

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bloated, crampy, bitchy, tired

so how goes it today? i am doing okay..mother nature is paying me a visit and needless to say my hub and coworkers and clients are feeling the wrath of a pre-meno-pms woman this week..since i am getting older, my … Continue reading

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all about TODAY

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Who you are TODAY is what/who matters

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BAD day…..one small crack

we all have good days we all have bad days and we all have horrible days i spent the last 2 months down and depressed eating things that are not soo good for me and not caring if i did … Continue reading

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what happens next..

today i am thinking too much..wondering what happens next. last night when i was sleeping safely in my bed, the us military again came to the forefront to take on the world and hopefully stop some people who feel like … Continue reading

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setbacks/stress and living

with all the things going on in the world (so many bad..no need to list them out as it would be endless) and then our own personal issues (demons) some self made and some just happens and its out of … Continue reading

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Todays Lesson…

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have NOT but remember what you have now was once what you once HOPED for..    I let my ins denial to skin surgery grab hold of me and turn … Continue reading

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all we have is today…i was just telling my friend T on text that TODAY is all we can control. we cannot go back and change or do over yesterday…granted i have so many things i would do over..but i … Continue reading

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