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Nearly 1 year on Keto (aka Low Carb)

OK. Blog post #2 for today. So last November, 2020, Thanksgiving, I jumped on the bandwagon called Keto. BUT it has always been around. It was just basically, low carb/high protein. But I had gained all the weight I lost … Continue reading

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You know it’s all about the snacks…..

What snacks are good? There’s a simple rule: The best snack is NO snack. That’s right. Snacks are not really needed as the hunger should go away when doing it right. If you’re still hungry, you may want to add more protein to … Continue reading

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Make your environment conducive to weight loss

my good friend Alex wrote this wonderful article and i wanted to share: You Choose: How Easy Do You Want Losing Weight to Be? Weight loss surgery is a substantial step in the battle to control your weight. It is … Continue reading

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