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weight loss surgery

let me state i love all WLS patients i do NOT feel one is better than another and this post is NOT a diss on the sleeve or bypass please understand and know that…WTF am i to judge?? been asked … Continue reading

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i want weight loss surgery and it will make me lose weight automatically

no matter what WLS one has, the bypass, the band, the sleeve or the band and plication, unless a person changes what they eat from crap high fat/junk food to better choices (and def  understand that 3500 cals is a … Continue reading

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which weight loss surgery to get……..

i was at a seminar with my lap band dr last night…..and he said the new (surgery everyone wants) is the sleeve…..and before that it was the band and before that it was the bypass…..who knows what will be next….with … Continue reading

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