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a big poop

then you were last month? last week? 6 months ago? how about last year? or the year before that? how about just yesterday? are you better off (weight wise/physically) than you (were) BE HONEST with yourself right now the clothes … Continue reading

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setbacks/stress and living

with all the things going on in the world (so many bad..no need to list them out as it would be endless) and then our own personal issues (demons) some self made and some just happens and its out of … Continue reading

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Todays Lesson…

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have NOT but remember what you have now was once what you once HOPED for..    I let my ins denial to skin surgery grab hold of me and turn … Continue reading

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i can eat whatever i want in any amount, is band working??

yes this was a true question on a forum i look at.. and here is my response to that person…..i def hope it reaches to them deeply… just because one can eat whatever and as much as they want does … Continue reading

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2 non scale victories

i had 2 non scale victories that happened to me……NSV for short and i wanted to share as these little things mean the world to me and make me feel like its all worth it sometimes.. I am always telling … Continue reading

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the basics as bandedcarolinagirl see’s it……

it is always exciting to see another batch of people wanting WLS and to get healthy/well and live a longer life. sometimes hard to read some of their posts/blogs because either they did not listen at the seminar or to … Continue reading

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losing slow………

read on bariatric pal forum a few people upset or sad they are losing slow…..when did losing weight be a problem? a loss is a loss…sometimes larger BMI people lose faster (we have more to lose)….as i see it, a … Continue reading

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i am stalling….

i read this on a post today and they are just BARELY 3 weeks post op and are concerned their weight loss has (stalled)..and started reading up on stalls.. FIRST, you are newly post op….your body must heal. give it … Continue reading

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Honesty sucks hairy balls

think back to where you were this time last year? BE HONEST are you better off now then you were in 2013? i know i sure am..i fully intend to be even better in 2014 and beyond i think today … Continue reading

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Thinking stupid sh*t

if you *think you did bad* over the weekend forgive yourself and understand that its over now and will never be able to get it back so pondering on it and fretting over it will not solve it nor make … Continue reading

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