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10 things to know before you begin to try and lose weight

sharing a wonderful blog post about the process of starting a new weight loss regime for your life. https://fleeingobesity.com/ is a wonderful blog and I just happen to come across this blog post–10 things we should know before we start to … Continue reading

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It is up to you..

The goal today is to be better than I was yesterday. A life of structure, and consistency is an amazing thing. I don’t know what today will bring or what my future holds, but I do know that those days, … Continue reading

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Ready To Start (Walking)………

Am i the only large female who is struggling with walking and her knees on this Word Press blog forum? I swear I feel so alone… yes, having a temper tantrum/pity party……..you are invitied “If you can’t fly then run, … Continue reading

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What is try

The difference between try and triumph is a little ‘umph’.

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Why now…

This time it feels very different, and I do have a confidence that I haven’t had in quite some time. I’ve often tried to wonder why and when I eat – is it with bad times, lunch time, when food … Continue reading

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I am back…..please read

So where have I been? So much to tell and let you know what I am doing and where I am. Well here is the shortened version. Summer 2015-April 22nd 2018 Let myself overeat and gain just about all the … Continue reading

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Why are you obese?

this question was asked on bariatic pal.com (why are you obese) and here is my answer…its the truth what caused myself (and everyone else with a weight problem) i eat/drank more calories than i could burn off..I blame myself. it … Continue reading

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