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sorry i did not write yesterday…i had the day off work and after finishing up my appt, i just laid outside and cooked myself and drank wine 🙂 the only thing better was if mark wahlberg would have been with … Continue reading

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non-scale victories (NSV)

read some of my NSV………then think about your own NSV and now ask yourself just how are you doing??? (yeah i thought you’d see it now).. some NSV’s for me that i love and no longer take for granted: having … Continue reading

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2 non scale victories

i had 2 non scale victories that happened to me……NSV for short and i wanted to share as these little things mean the world to me and make me feel like its all worth it sometimes.. I am always telling … Continue reading

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new shoes

   since losing a lot of weight (and even more important INCHES) and exercising, i am able to wear my high heels again….. that little NSV spurs me on and encourages me to keep doing what i am doing BELIEVING … Continue reading

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a NSV……i love high heels..the higher the better and i love/adore these 5 inch wedges…easier to walk in as far as i am concerned. so after being a heffer for so long, i couldnt wear my shoes i loved..and as … Continue reading

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Little things…

when i started out, i just wanted to lose weight and as that happened, i had an awakening of sorts..i began to realize it is the little things that matter. little things i couldnt do that i can do mean … Continue reading

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