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Happy (Keto) Thanksgiving

I lost 125 pounds since I started Keto exactly one year ago today.

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Ready To Start (Walking)………

Am i the only large female who is struggling with walking and her knees on this Word Press blog forum? I swear I feel so alone… yes, having a temper tantrum/pity party……..you are invitied “If you can’t fly then run, … Continue reading

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tight pants don’t lie

to begin any task of better health, one must be honest we can overeat in private but hey tight pants dont lie it hurts deep to know the root of my weight problems is myself i love food i love … Continue reading

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Self Esteem—strengthen it…

Here is a blog post that reached out to me today…..it was written and posted by the following: https://joypassiondesire.com/ DO these three things today….see what happens….   Three things that you can do today that will sooth you and strenghten your … Continue reading

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Self Esteem

Self esteem means the way we feel loved by ourselves and by others. https://itanndy.com/  wrote this blog post……WOW…This is a must read…   Our self image is built by our environment, where we grew up, where and how we were … Continue reading

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How to be you and be pretty

Always be YOURSELF it’s the prettiest thing you can be. • Be ORIGINAL • Be CREATIVE • Be YOURSELF Not everyone will like it but that doesn’t matter. What matters is the genuineness in your personality. Being true to yourself and loving yourself. That confidence … Continue reading

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Tonight, take a moment for you..

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All is not lost

Don’t let one meal of gluttony, one weekend of debauchery, a vacation of unwholesome habits, consume your thoughts and defeat you. Reinstate your healthy lifestyle ASAP. All is not lost. -Elizabeth Evans Fryer

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Dear me.

IT WILL TAKE CHANGING EVERYTHING. YOU must put myself first. YOU have to learn how, what and when to eat. We have to exercise. NO matter how much you can do. YOU just have to. YOU MUST remove toxic people … Continue reading

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Yes I am talking to you..

yes you……aka ME you want to do good today (eating/moving etc) then merely do it.. you can talk it all day long you can think it all day long you can write it all day long but unless you actually … Continue reading

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