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Prep for lunch

There is nothing wrong with prepping for your lunch everyday. It saves you money, is portioned, quality controlled and if you get your husband to do it for you as I do, it’s even better 🙂

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7 Ways to Lose Weight Even When You Sit at a Desk All Day …

Prioritize 30 Minutes of Exercise. … Turn the Stairwell into Your Gym. … BYO Vending Machine. … Drink 91 Ounces of Water per Day. … Chase Your Snacks with Protein. … Bring Your Lunch. … Stand at Your Desk…   … Continue reading

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what is for lunch?

some tuna and mayo and sugar free applesauce… what are you having?

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Chicken Soup

i recall quite clearly for nearly 3 yrs after my WLS i never ate soup again..i did 4 1/2 weeks of all liquid pre and post op and i had enough soup to last me a life time.. but today, … Continue reading

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Tuna and green beans..

Tuna and green beans and some FF chocolate pudding.. that was my lunch today..are you jealous?? a friend of mine asked me to go out to lunch with her. and in the past i have and always ended up eating … Continue reading

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spent $19

on this from Amazon. ChefLand 3-Compartment Microwave Safe Food Container with Lid/Divided Plate/Bento Box/Lunch Tray with Cover, Black, 10-Pack From the website on the description: These 3 compartment food containers could be fitted into a cooler. And they are leak … Continue reading

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Don’t eat Hot Dogs?…I do

I love hot dogs (i eat without the bun) these are my favorites. they can be pricey because here they are 5.39 per pack per dog: 45 calories 0 fat 5g carbs 6g protein sodium 490mg i diced hot dog … Continue reading

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What are you eating for lunch??

I am eating some brusnwick stew for my lunch Recipes for Brunswick stew vary greatly, but it is usually a tomato-based stew, containing various types of lima beans/butter beans, corn, okra, and other vegetables, and one or more types of … Continue reading

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here is what i am eating 4 oz of tuna (mixed with mayo, onion) 2 oz of pork/beans (cold) and some applesauce what did you eat?

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rainy monday and lunch preparation

its a rainy monday and i just finished my lunch what did you have or are you planning on eating? yesterday i went to our local Lowe’s Grocery as they have Chicken breast/wbone in for 99cents per pound. i loaded … Continue reading

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