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Monday change and peace..

I’ve said this before, and thought I’d share it with you again on this beautiful Monday……. 1. If you don’t go after what you want, you will never have it. 2. If you don’t ask, the answer will always be … Continue reading

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Just one thing,

Have you ever took a moment and thought about, how lucky you are?. If you are somebody struggling with something say weight, drugs, alcohol, a cheating spouse, no job, I mean and the list can go on. But think about … Continue reading

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Goals for this week

Here I am starting week number to since coming out of retirement, and I must say I’m feeling very positive. I’m feeling very mentally strong. I’m feeling very mentally capable of getting things back in order like they should be. … Continue reading

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Saturday wine tasting

Well today is day 6 of my Begin Again Journey and so far so good I have done well with thinking positive and Conquering the two things that I started out to do this week. One of those was no … Continue reading

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If you

Did good this week in anything, congratulations If you ate healthier, congratulations If you drunk more water than soda, congratulations If you did more exercise than normal, congratulations If you walked with your head up, congratulations If you stopped drinking … Continue reading

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It’s not moderation..It is day in and day out…

Jonathan Ross said everything in moderation—it seems like such a good idea. It “feels” right because it promotes the idea of a balanced approach to nutrition in a nice, neat, simple saying. But does it help us or hurt us? … Continue reading

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