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am hungry—what to do..

OK….first, are you really hungry? drink something and see if that quenches your thirst… are you bored? are you upset? is someone eating beside you or near you? is it (lunch time/dinner time) via the clock? BUT, if you are … Continue reading

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hungry or head hungry?

well, after my 1cc fill on tuesday my dr said 2 days of liquids…and yep, today i get to eat soft tonight so i am soooooo happy.. i forgot what hunger is…have you felt hungry lately? i mean REALLY hungry? … Continue reading

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are you hungry

when was the last time you were truly hungry? i mean stomach growling and you are thinking/needing food?? (not when you are bored and someone else is snacking near you aka head hunger) but i mean really really hungry?? do … Continue reading

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i am hungry help……

stay busy/find something to do..read/walk/clean/go shopping/have sex, go fishing……but also drink…head hunger plays a huge part…you maybe bored and want to eat or because someone around you is..i have found me drinking something usually solves my (am i hungry or … Continue reading

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