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Jan 5, 2016

i took a big step and made me a fill appt for this date. i am trying to get an fluro before that time to ease my mind as i can think myself into all sorts of things (conditions) etc….BUT … Continue reading

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pants dont lie..

its hard to admit that i havent done well in the last yr..its embarrassing and i am ashamed..i can be ashamed until the sky turns purple but the pants dont lie..some of my pants dont button and that is because … Continue reading

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had to go to dr

yes, went to dr as the pain today took a turn for the worse…soooo ended up getting a steroid shot in the butt…and boy after about 5 min i def felt the med working its way in my big ole … Continue reading

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i am hungry help……

stay busy/find something to do..read/walk/clean/go shopping/have sex, go fishing……but also drink…head hunger plays a huge part…you maybe bored and want to eat or because someone around you is..i have found me drinking something usually solves my (am i hungry or … Continue reading

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why i chose to have lap band surgery

i was 336 pounds and wearing a snug size 30 and was as wide as i am tall my insurance does not approve sleeves and i was (too scared to have bypass). so i opted with the lap band…my dr … Continue reading

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worried and concerned and scared about pain

with the passing of my mother, i admit i did what i knew was wrong…….and did it anyway i overate…instead of a whole pizza ( i could only do 2 pieces)…it aka the lap band did stop me from devouring … Continue reading

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Lap Band Basics according to Carolina Girl

here are some lap band basics that i learned since i started my banded/plicated life 6-6-2012 always listen to your dr. follow their instructions.. they gave them to you for a reason. if you are giving pre and post op … Continue reading

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