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Tuesday Message

Everyday isn’t great but everyday is a blessing because I am still here and still fighting and still thriving. My message today is to live everyday like it is your last. Give your loved one a hug or a kiss … Continue reading

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Hang in there

Some days are better than others but you still have to get up and get on with it. Day in and day out. There are some days that I don’t think I could eat another egg or do without bread … Continue reading

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Want Power and Keto

One of the things that I can say about getting my life back on track (via Keto) is that I am much happier. My body doesn’t hurt as much and I love, LOVE being able to wear clothes I bought … Continue reading

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Hello, it’s me ♥

Years ago I worked at a place where my boss, who was named Diane wore the shirt that I’m wearing in the picture and I loved it. But I was too big to fit into it at the time and … Continue reading

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Happy (Keto) Thanksgiving

I lost 125 pounds since I started Keto exactly one year ago today.

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Cauliflower……..NO Way

Cauliflower………….NOT ME You may have heard/read about people on Keto eating a lot of cauliflower. It is pretty cheap and it’s a great veggie and I am sure it tastes great. BUT I am not a fan. I have not … Continue reading

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Keto Basics:

Keto done right  No fruit, unless it’s berries in moderation…  No wheat  No sugar  No grains  No pasta  No potatoes  No rice  No beans  No starches  No milk as it’s loaded with sugar. (unsweetened almond milk is recommended.)  HWC (Heavy … Continue reading

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What is Keto??

So what is Keto? It depends on who you talk to or what you read on the internet. Here is my simple logic. IT is basically, eating low carb with high protein. So I read a lot on Keto before … Continue reading

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Did you over eat?

Dont look at it as cheating. You just didnt make not so great choices. Just get right back on it 💙

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when you crave

When you crave: Crunchy (chips, caramel popcorn, biscotti) Chew this: Baby carrots, fruit slices, or rice cakes.  On the fruit slices, you can use a dab of peanut butter for extra protein. Almonds can also work, but be careful: Half a … Continue reading

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