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60 down- Keto

In the 2nd week of November, 2020, I decided to jump on this bandwagon..Keto I basically stopped eating potatoes, starch, beans or anything with sugar…and no cheating…. Down 60 pounds… Easy Doable Using my lapband again Focus on protein and … Continue reading

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Focus on carbs this week

there is good and bad carbs…  

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wasnt much, but it was to me…

i told you before that on tuesday’s, hub and me like to meet our friends at a local sports pub because they have $5 burgers…so again we went last night..i am so soooooooooo proud of myself..instead of fries, i ordered … Continue reading

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Good vs Bad Carb

What’s heartening to know is that the whole mess really can be boiled down to two basic rules… Fill your daily diet with real food, that is, carbohydrates that look as if they actually came out of the earth. Eat … Continue reading

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eat food diet…..

got a response that asked me (what type of diet) do i follow on my band/plication.. i follow the eat food diet.. vegan low carb high carb no fat low fat cal counting what others are there, did i leave … Continue reading

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