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are you hungry

when was the last time you were truly hungry? i mean stomach growling and you are thinking/needing food?? (not when you are bored and someone else is snacking near you aka head hunger) but i mean really really hungry?? do … Continue reading

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losing weight means saggy skin…

saggy is as saggy does def take sag over how tight/super obese that i was…which meant me not moving.. just this past weekend, i got down on myself..i looked in mirror and saw the frontal view and saw my legs … Continue reading

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why am i posting so much??

at the beginning of august, my insurance denied me to have my stomach skin removed (about 25 pounds worth)….that is kabo’s dog food bag….how embarrassing is that?? but it is what it fucking is and i felt sorry for myself … Continue reading

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worried and concerned and scared about pain

with the passing of my mother, i admit i did what i knew was wrong…….and did it anyway i overate…instead of a whole pizza ( i could only do 2 pieces)…it aka the lap band did stop me from devouring … Continue reading

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what i know so far…..

here is what i know so far… and speaking from my point of view ONLY having the lap band surgery (was not a piece of cake)..it is not EASY my gall bladder surgery was worse pain wise but it wasnt … Continue reading

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beer/mcdonalds/potato chips

my blog title is what i lived on for about 3 years its all i cared about….oh that and sitting on the couch and asking hub to bring me more.. that was my life….and i got bigger and bigger and … Continue reading

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