mind over matter part 2

Image result for mind over matter weight loss


Image result for mind over matter weight loss


Image result for mind over matter weight loss

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mind over matter

sorry i have not been writing lately. during the day at work, i am not able t write much esp when i get busy. my apologies.

i am still doing GREAT with my food and still sucky with positive thinking.
BUT i think i am the better for it. what you think you are, you become.
at least i think so anyhow.

it is very much mind over matter…..when i write that, it reminds me of the quote those who mind dont matter……..so true!!

the hard part is me forgiving myself for my past.
my conscience does bother me (yes ronnie van zant of lynyrd, it sure does)

i do mind and i do matter
and so what, so do you.

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Thought 2day…be you

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Thinking Stupid…

if you *think you did bad* over the weekend
forgive yourself and understand that its over now and will never be able to get it back so pondering on it and fretting over it will not solve it nor make it go away..so do better (now) dont wait til tomorrow (or wait til monday) ….do better right this very moment.

if you *think you are not losing* only you know if you eat more calories than you burn off…judge yourself on your inches lost rather than the scale..me being a former scale addict, the scale goes up and down all day long and is not really (factual) on the results as they vary… how loose your clothes are always honest….

if you *think you cant do this*
then you are right. you need to not only think you can but actually believe you will…if you dont, then you have no chance. seriously, the pity party needs to be left at the door…if you want this surgery to lose weight, then do what you have to do to make it happen.

if you *think you can*
then you already won 95% of the battle

if you *think it hurts after surgery*..well yeah
i see posts on forums who said it hurts and they are second guessing their decision. its major surgery..its not a manicure appt…its gonna hurt/be uncomfortable..did you listen to your dr/nurses?

if you *think cheating a smidge* is smart
you are only hurting yourself..and if by chance you admit it on this forum
and someone responds, showing your fanny only makes you look (stupid).
my advice is and always has been follow your doctors orders…what would they
say if you called and said i ate a whole pizza (but it was on the small side)…

if you *think the band is not working*
then you have no idea how it works. it will assist you in eating less (esp after fills)
but you must help the band..eat better quality foods in your allotted amounts. the band wont work if you overeat, eat alot of slider foods or just not believing in yourself.

if you *think anything*
just know that only YOU can change your life.
we all have one life to live….quibbling about the past is not gonna solve the issue today. therapy is awesome…talking to friends is awesome…believing in yourself is awesome..

how about trying it, it just may help your (thinking) as you are what you think.

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the secret to lose weight…

Image result for mindset change weight loss


I truly believe this to be true.

I am only 4 weeks in and back from my WLS vacay and my mindset has changed 100%. I am no longer tempted NOR am I wondering can I do this. I am doing this. I won’t be perfect but I will at least try.




and then do it (day in and day out)

then repeat for best results


Image result for mindset change weight loss

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Time 4 breakfast

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The power is restraint

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