I got this…

The other day was crazy. The head of the department was going nuts over deadlines that hadn’t been done and she was freaking out. Me, not in this type of world before, medical, just said let’s do it. Give me a short list of what I need to look for and what to do and let’s get it done. And it was!! I’m so happy I changed jobs. I actually believe all the walking is helping my knee even though at times I hurt badly. I refuse to think negative. And I won’t let nobody be negative around me. The lady said today I love that your here because you’re so positive and she said that’s what we need. So today, I met the challenge head-on and you know what, I got this..

And you know what things happen for a reason. I truly believe that. It’s not a matter of somebody believes in God or karma, I just think things happen.

So when I left that one job with my friend Michelle in 2017 December, I really thought my life was over and that I was going to be miserable forever. And then 7 days later I got that the other job and I work there for a year and was content but all I was doing was answering the phone. And there is nothing wrong with that trust me it’s not but I wanted to do something else does that make sense? And I had spoke to my husband and other friends over the years about the medical world but I never had no experience. Then of course nobody even gave me a second look when I applied and trust me I applied everywhere. And then out of the blue one day this place called. It’s a nursing home / Rehabilitation for elderly patients. He called me and then I went in for the interview thinking to myself ain’t nobody going to hire me. But he spoke to me for about an hour or I think and talked about my resume and my past jobs. And he liked me. He said he wanted to give me a chance. And I wanted to take that chance. That happened 14 days after I came out of retirement in October. October 15th is when I decided enough was enough and took control of my life.

That’s when I stopped drinking, that’s when I stop snacking, that’s when I changed everything that I know I was doing wrong for me.

Maybe there is karma. And I have done so many things that I wish I could undo but I can’t because at the time I wanted to do them when I did them. But let me tell you that right now the place that I’m in, is the best place ever mentally. And I love my job. I haven’t said that for a long long time. That one job I was at for 10 years I loved it at the beginning and then of course it went downhill with changes and stuff and LOL that’s just how thing. But I can see myself staying here as long as they let me. It is exactly three point two miles from my house front door. Isn’t that amazing.

My attitude has definitely changed. I am happy. I am positive. No negativity around me whatsoever I will not allow it. And I tell people that. At my job when people come in and they’re stressing and they’re complaining, I don’t know positive only if they say something negative I’m coming right back out on something positive. And I’m doing that to myself 2

You can do it believe believe believe

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Do not wallow..

A must read…

Do not wallow in your mistakes. Do not grovel and prostrate yourself in hopes of forgiveness. We all make mistakes. Apologize and move forward. Do not replay the event in your head. Do not continue to beat yourself up. Do not profusely explain, defend yourself, make excuses or blame. After you apologize, do no more explaining; never explain more than once — ever. When you keep explaining and rehashing you just keep your mistake alive. Learn your lesson and adjust your behavior and move forward. Let people see you overcoming your mistakes with integrity. Most mistakes that seem huge in the heat of the moment are quickly forgotten. We often even further bond with others through surviving our mistakes together. Big mistakes are an outstanding opportunity to showcase your ability to recover and have grace under pressure. The bigger the mistake, the bigger the opportunity. This is how you turn it all around. — Bryant McGill

An excellent post. I hope you took a moment to read what this gentleman wrote because it is amazing and it is outstanding and it’s true. No self-pity, no wallowing allowed.

If you like this post comment down below and let me hear from you. Stay positive no matter what. Rise above it trust me you got

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This is me yesterday. I was just thinking about how lucky and happy I am. That thing in the middle is my red Doberman and that was his soccer ball keyword being was.

Life is short and the days pass quickly. I’ve noticed they pass faster the older I get haha.

Last night, a man got dressed and went to work probably kiss his family goodbye and maybe have lunch with his friends that day maybe. And then later on that night, two thugs ambushed him and shot him. The policeman survived the surgery and is recuperating. Two people are in custody for that thank heavens.

But that was his life. Everyday we all get up and anything can happen to us. He just went to work and was doing his thing. Everybody has one life. It took me a long time to understand how to let things go. Not to stress over the b*******. Because b******* happens each and every day. It’s how you let it affect you.

We cannot live our lives concerned what others think or what they do. It’s not our business to be concerned with what they think or do. I spent way too many years worrying about if somebody mad at me, why are they talking to me, I wonder if they like me,. I did that my entire life. My mom wants her heart as mean as she was and miserable as she was. Made me feel so inadequate I just wanted to be liked by somebody. Hell my mom didn’t even like me so I must have sucked as a person.

And so for many years, I don’t like myself. Even after I had WLS. Then look how I ended up with that. Hey so what I gained some weight back is that the end of the world? No and it’s not the end of the story. My life, my health is up most important to me now. I have to do this for myself.

Slowly but surely I keep believing that will each step that I take, some more painful than the others, is making me better it has to be. I have to be positive I have to keep thinking positive. My friends, my husband, they can’t do this for me it has to come from within. I have to do …

So today, take just a moment think of one thing that you’re thankful or grateful for. It could be whatever doesn’t have to be something outrageous like I’m grateful for living in this country or grateful that I drive a Mercedes Benz or grateful that I live in a two-million-dollar house. Think of something small that you’re grateful for. Because some people don’t have those little things that you’re grateful for.

I’m grateful for toilet paper. I’m grateful for socks. I’m grateful for electricity. I’m grateful to have a running car. I’m grateful for a dollar and $0.48 for a large black coffee at McDonald’s.

Is those little things. And those little things add up. Sure I’m grateful for bigger things you know like my house but the little things means so much

The place that I work at now, is a rehab facility for elderly. About half of the patients there will live there forever until they are called heaven. Since I’ve been working there it has made me realize how lucky I am. Even when I’m mad as hell at him, hubby, for being a slob or missing those laundry basket or just making a mess after I cleaned it, I’m lucky to have him. He makes my lunch every day and puts it in the car for me to drive. That one little thing I would miss terribly if something happened to him. Of course I miss everything but you come to realize those little things matter

And I posted a picture of myself that was took yesterday afternoon about I don’t know 5:15 ish. I just got home from work had a great conversation with my friend eye candy and boom there’s the picture.

I believe in you please believe in yourself. As usual thanks for reading if you do. Leave a comment down below if you want to. It’s cold here this morning, 29 or 30 degrees. How cold is it where you are?

Never give up

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Sleep ❤

Our bodies work hard for us and we need to do our best to keep it healthy, fueled, and well-rested.

Its so important to make sure that we eat right, exercise, control our stress, and sleep…


because we should be our top priority

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Nice to meet you..

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Do nothing…

When was the last time you did a whole day of nothing? Everyone needs some time and space; make a commitment to doing nothing. I invite you to find a day this week “to do nothing.”

And no cheating, either; you’re not allowed to sit around feeling guilty about what you aren’t getting done, because feeling guilty is a whole lot of “doing” if you ask me. You don’t have to do it for a week or even a whole day at a time, you can set aside an hour to do nothing.

It might take some practice to calm your mind and will probably take a few tries before you can naturally stop the flow of the exhaust of doing, feeling that you have to go 24/7.

As you drift into bliss think about creating your play day. What does it look like, feel like or sound like? Its so worth it. Tell your to do list to take a hike. Yep, toss it!

As always thanks for reading. If you feel like it, leave a comment down below. I would love to hear from you good bad or ugly.

and definitely let me know about the day you decided to let it go….

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Sunday confession, I gained…

And how are you, and how are things? Well things are going pretty good here in the great state of North Carolina. It stopped raining and the sun is out. And it’s supposed to be nearly 70 degrees today. So hey the sun is shining. I also hope that is shining on you wherever you are and if you ever read this.

Well it’s been 2 months and 22 days since I’ve came out of retirement and tried to get my shit together.

Whatever I have done is working. I am not snacking, I am not eating fast food day in and day out, I’m making healthy conscious choices and using portion control. And that FYI portion control could just mean one serving if you don’t want to measure anything out. Keep it simple as Judge Judy would say. And I would also say do what works for you.

In 8 days I’ve been sober and clean for three months / 90 days. That means more to me than anything at this point, at this junction. I had to get myself together mentally before I can do anything physically. Does that make sense?

Somebody said have you lost any weight? Why yes I have. I have dropped it and entire pant size and about 20 pounds so I’m thankful and grateful for that.

But it’s not what I’ve lost that means everything to me right now, it is what I have gained.

I have gained a sober mentality. I no longer wake up with a hangover headache and feeling like I’m going to throw up because I drink too much the night before. And to me drinking too much was pretty near two bottles of wine every night. Today as I write this, it has been two months 22 days since I am sober and to me that is everything. Because my sobriety affects everything in my life and everyone in my life.

And I got a new job since I got out of retirement. I’ve got a job that is 3.2 miles from my house and it is in a field that I’ve always wanted to work in, the medical field. And you know what I’m doing fantastic at this job. I’m really doing well. The only downside is the walking that I have to do but I’m thinking positive about it and no one that would every step, I’m getting better physically. I have good and bad days with my knees and if they’re bad days, I do what I can.

So things are good. I wish I could say they were great but is anybody’s life great? And that could even before me and air are they ever really truly happy? I think for the most part I am happy. I am happy with the changes that I have made and the decisions that I have made in the last 2 months

I’m keeping my circle small. I don’t do drama, I won’t allow that around me anymore. I am always going to be happy I am not going to allow anybody to see me miserable sad upset. Who wants to be around anybody like that? I do not so I am not allowing that to happen either at work or at home. If somebody upsets me oh, I will suck it in and let it go inhale and exhale that bull s**t right out the door.

So that’s why Sunday confessional. I gained but I’m happy about it.

Thank you so much for reading this if you do. As always please comment down below if you want. And just know that you are not alone in whatever you’re doing. Whatever Journey you’re on. Because it may not be the same as mine, but it all is the same way.

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