Just do It

We say we want to change something about our lives but in reality, we don’t truly believe in ourself enough to actually go it. We can’t truly picture ourself where we truly want to be. We may have tried before and failed and that affects our mindset.

I know this first hand. I’ve struggled with this (health woes and sobriety) my entire adult life and it seems the struggle is more alive today than ever some days.

No matter how happy or confident a person may seem to appear, those seeds of self doubt can continue to grow as we grow older.

It can actually becomes part of our belief system. I can’t do this or it’s just gonna be another failure.  With this mindset, you are absolutely right. Rocky stepped into the ring with that rematch with Creed thinking he would win because he was able to convince himself he was already the winner and and visualized it.

Start today..right now.

Picture your self, already being the winner that you know you are deep down and underneath all of that drama of self doubt, know that YOU can do it.

Whatever it is that you want (health, new job, getting sober or a new knee), just do it!!!! 

“When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.” -Harley Davidson 

About North Carolina Keto Girl

NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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