Do not just go by what the scale says. If you get on 10 different scales, they will most likely give you a different number. Go by what your clothes say. Are they tight? Are they looser? That is your real scale number.

NSV is commonly known as a non scale victory. You have them everyday and MOST likely just overlook them. They are so important. They will help you each and every day.

I was so addicted to the scale. The power it had over me was crazy. If I drank a soda or pooped, I would immediately go weigh myself. If I gained, my day was shot and then I said WTF, I gained, I may as well eat. If I lost, I was so happy and then ate to reward myself. I did this all day long. What a mind fuck that was. My hub threw out the scale and we are not allowed one in the house haha. SO I have to go by what my clothes tell me.

I can also go by my physical. I am someone who not that long ago, had serious trouble walking. I used a can for a good year because of my size, weight and knees. I am ashamed that I allowed myself to get into that condition. Yes, I ALLOWED myself to get in that condition. It physically hurt to walk.

Here is my NSV.

So today, I am referencing where I parked in the parking lot at work. I use to park right outside the front door. It took a lot to get a person of my size to the front door. I am talking out of breath. Stopping and absolutely hating myself and my life. I was so ashamed. I knew exactly what I looked like and I hated it. And until I did something about it…….

FLASH FORWARD. I can now park farther out and walk into the building with NO LIMP, NO pain and NO CANE. I am so proud of that. I do not look down on anyone in that condition or any condition. BUT in reference to me, me walking into the building today, I know I made the right decision.

The nursing/rehab center where I work is one story and have 4 hall. I recall clearly that I could not walk without feeling like I was going to die. Just today, I walked all 4 halls more than once and loved the feeling of merely walking. If you have trouble walking, you know what I am talking about.

I took my health for granted and I so regret it. I am trying very hard to make it right.

Everyday, we are given a new chance to live. To make a change. To make things (right). To re-find ourselves, to re-find god again or merely decide to say enough is enough. I truly believe that when YOU had enough, and are done with the BS excuses, you will do whatever you need to do.

Everyday, you have a NSV.

Don’t believe me?

OK, here are some examples.

You woke up. You are alive. That is a victory.

You have clothes, food, water and a home. That is a victory.

You reading this is my NSV.

So thank you♥

About North Carolina Keto Girl

NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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