What is Keto??

So what is Keto?

It depends on who you talk to or what you read on the internet.

Here is my simple logic. IT is basically, eating low carb with high protein.

So I read a lot on Keto before and after I started my new eating plan and come to realize that it was exactly what I did when I first had WLS. (note to those who remember me from before— nearly 2 weeks ago,I had emergency stomach surgery and had my lap band removed—the lap band was NOT the issue here and it was removed in perfect condition).

I first had WLS in 2012 and focused on portion size, high protein, low carb and no snacking/no fast food.

Well, what do you know. THAT is exactly what I am doing right now.

I am eating a lot of protein and eating a lot of salad greens and absolutely NO snacking (as that is a big down fall to me as I love chips, crackers, easy high fat/junk food). I eat between 12 noon and 730 Monday thru Friday. On Sat and Sun, we have breakfast (that I live for because I have bacon and eggs—god is it good) and then I eat a later dinner (as long as its before 730pm). And that is it.

Here is what I have done to lose 122 pounds in one year!!

Portion control- I don’t focus on that. I eat until I am full and I recognize my full signs. You must listen to your body. (Burp, feel full etc)

Calories-As a life long yo you dieter, I am aware of what the calories are on most things. And most of use know that there are better food choices. I am also aware that if I take in more calories than I burn off, I will gain weight. So that is there in the back of my mind. So my calories that I choose to eat are good. AND since I cant exercise much due to my knees, I have to def be conscious of the my intake. In other words, when I eat, I intend to eat good

Protein-This is vital. I still drink a chocolate protein shake every morning with 32 grams of protein. My hub puts in the freezer so its cold.

*In my mind, it is a chocolate shake. AND later on in the day, if I want something sweet, this is a great go to!! I get my protein whey at Walmart and the tub is $19.99. It lasts a couple months as we use a scoop per shake.

Sugar Free-I try to not intake any sugar what so ever!! All labels are read very carefully.

Carbohydrates-All labels are read very carefully and items must be very low carb (Keto Ice Cream or Keto Fat Bombs or Keto Quest chips)


Almond Milk-YES. We drink Almond milk that is sugar free.

Keto products-You must read labels. Everything at the grocery store is labled, no carb, low carb and now on the Keto band wagon.

*Go for the lowest sugar content and the lowest carb content on any items you choose. There are great options and then there are sneaky options.*

Fruit-Fruit is awesome but also loaded with sugar. UNTIL you can portion control, I would suggest to not eat fruit but in small amounts.

*I love watermelon. BUT it is all sugar. I did enjoy some this summer but only small amounts. Read up on the sugar content.

Below ground veggies-Many of these are high in carbs. So they are a  no no. Potato, sweet potato. (carrots-use portions, numbers add up)

Above ground veggies-Less carbs (lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, green beans, spinach, bell peppers etc)

Hint, green veggies are lower in carbs!!

Cost-Eating better does cost more than regular eating. For 5 dollars, we can get 4 cheese burgers and fries at McDonalds.

*For 5 dollars, you can buy great cheese (not processed). For 5 dollars, you can buy ground beef that is 90% fat free.

For 5 dollars, you can buy 3 pounds of fresh spinach. So be prepared to spend more money on eating better quality foods.

NO processed, no boxed. Buy the good stuff. Since you are eating to lose weight, eat good!! Eat what you like.

Label-read all labels until you are familiar with what you can eat

How to start-You don’t have to be on a Keto diet. You don’t have to be on any diet. Just focus on eating better.

Just start by stop eating bread, potatoes and rice and pasta. Think simple. No flour (unless Almond) and no sugar.

Then go from there.

Remember, calories in versus calories out.

Day at a time.

About North Carolina Keto Girl

NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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4 Responses to What is Keto??

  1. Bridgette~ says:

    very clearly written, thank you for sharing. I will be jumping on the band wagon soon as well, as I have gained about 20 over the past year even though I work physically hard doing construction type work. I am a binge eater 😦 Thank you for your encouragement!

    • EXCELLENT. Jump on with me!!! I am also a binge eater (trying to stay in retirement) because I would binge when angry, mad, upset, sad etc. That was me. I am also a volumn eater. How anyone can eat one cookie was beyond me. Heck no, give me the entire bag!!!! So I do have to practice WANT power (I dont believe in will power). I want this bad enough to control. IF I can stay sober, I can do this!! And I have and I will. AND so will you. ♥

  2. Arlene says:

    What is keto fat bomb?? Sounds weird

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