Nearly 1 year on Keto (aka Low Carb)

OK. Blog post #2 for today.

So last November, 2020, Thanksgiving, I jumped on the bandwagon called Keto. BUT it has always been around.

It was just basically, low carb/high protein.

But I had gained all the weight I lost back. YES, I did. SO embarrassing and I am so ashamed but what the hell.

It is what it is. Flash forward to now. Today.

I am over 3 years clean and sober. BEST thing EVER!!!!!!!

Stopped denying my faith and found God again. BEST thing EVER!!!!!!!!!!

I am down 122 pounds (14 pant sizes) BEST thing EVER!!!!!!!!

And Jan 28th, because I have lost weight, my knee surgeon is going to give me a new knee. BEST thing EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also note that I have not once have I strayed to (cheat) and eat something. Remember that this is a diet way to think.

I am not on a diet. I just do not eat bread, potatoes, rice, pasta or anything considered carbs. I eat meat, cheese, nuts and drink a protein shake

Every morning to give me a boost on protein intake. I stop eating at 730 every night and don’t eat until mid-day the next day (some refer to that as fasting).

I just choose to call it eat at lunch time.

Its not really that hard.

I read on FB and other forums people doing the same thing I saw on the WL forums, I over ate, what do I do now?

What do I eat? I can’t do it………….yes you can.

If you want to.

This coming from an old ass woman who could not walk with a cane.

Back over the 3 # and pants up near as wide as I am tall.

The surgeon said unless I lose weight, he can’t do the surgery for a new knee.

Whatever he said and whatever happened, happened in my thick ass skull.

I stopped doing all the right things to lose weight.

Eating junk, snacking constantly, quarter pounders with cheese, candy …I mean I was eating!!!

So, I just STOPPED.

The exact same way I stopped drinking.

I just stopped.

I knew what to eat and not eat.

I read up on it (low/no carb and high protein) a bit to get a refresher.

And started.

And boom. HERE I am, less than a year later.

I cannot exercise due to my knees. I cannot walk far

But I can walk without my cane. THAT is GREAT to me.

I just had to find my want to again.

And boy do I want to.

I am most proud that I never have detoured off my plan.

It’s a day in and a day out type of thing. It is a way of life

For me now, eating this way.

Let me stress that I eat good. VERY good.

I had NY strip last night. OUTSTANDING.

So, eat to lose weight.

Same as we did to gain it.

It is what I have always said.

I say that because, as in my case, it is true.

So do Keto, do WLS (as that works) BUT it still boils down to what you eat and how much.

AND cals in vs cals out.

I believe in you

About North Carolina Keto Girl

NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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