Blog name change 11-15-21

Hello and Happy Monday ♥

Well, I had to make a name change on my blog. Here is why.

2 weeks ago, I had to have emergency stomach surgery. The doctors thought that I had some sort of intestinal/bowel blockage.

All I know is that when your stomach cramps over and over and over, it really hurts. I was very scared and very concerned. My first thought was obviously, my lap band is having issues and causing me harm inside. That is a scary thought.

So spending 13 hours in the ER before they sent me to a hospital about 40 miles away for surgery, I had time to think.

Whatever it was, my hub and I decided that we would request to have the lap band removed if at all possible. I have had it nearly 10 years.

I also have the implication at the time of surgery also. Note that I have never had any issues with either of the surgeries that the bariatric doctor performed on me. I am blessed and also thankful.

So the next evening, I was finally able to have stomach surgery. OUT came the lap band and the port. Perfect condition and no issues.

I had some scarring from a gall bladder surgery many years ago and the implication stomach surgery that I had, it had (unfolded) and my stomach was back to its normal self and size. The surgeon is also a bariatric doctor and had no issues removing the lap band per our request. I had no idea if/when I would ever had stomach surgery again and since they were going in, just go ahead and take it out. He agreed and asked many times was I sure. Yes I was.

Inside, he took many pictures of my insides. It looked like bubble gum. Pink and shiny and all like it is suppose to be. (no blockage thank heavens). My tummy was inflamed because of my mortin 800 usage. I used it a lot to counter the pain that my knees have. (FYI, I have bad arthritis in both knees) and it hurts when it rains, turns cold etc and so I had no issue taking up to 4 or 5 per day. YES, you read it right!!! NEVER AGAIN.

So the doctor (who was very good looking) said no more motrin and only take Tylenol and I said…….OK….Reluctantly I may add but I definitely do not want my stomach to cramp ever again as it is very pain. Picture a calf cramp in your stomach.

Let me say that pain is a nice 8 to 9 on a pain scale and I will not wish that on anyone!

So I have made my blog with a new name. NO more banded Carolina girl.

I am just now Carolina Girl 2022.

Hope this all makes sense.

I hope to be around more and post more as I have a lot to talk about.

About North Carolina Keto Girl

NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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2 Responses to Blog name change 11-15-21

  1. Arlene says:

    Welcome back!! I missed your blogs. You got this NCG!
    Love you!!

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