Its in your head..

“It’s all in your head!” How many times have you heard this? I bet a lot. Well guess what? It IS all in your head.

Everything we think, see, and hear is all in our head. Whatever you chose to believe, becomes your truth, and in turn becomes who you are.

It sounds crazy and maybe I’m over simplifying it, but what you want to become in your life is what you must chose to believe.

You want to be happy? You have to chose to be so.

You must “believe” that you are happy. I know we can’t simply think something and it becomes reality, but we can change the way we think.

We can turn the negative thinking more towards a positive outlook. Let’s face it, being positive does not always mean you will get a positive result.

But being negative almost surely means things will, at best, have a negative undertone.

Who has time for that?!?!? So next time someone says “It’s all in your head….”, just smile back at them and say “You got that right!!!”

Have an awesome day 😊

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1 Response to Its in your head..

  1. eye candy says:

    very true. I think bad s**t all the time. I need to think happy thoughts! TYVM

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