You, believe

Believing in yourself can be quite challenging when your parents/family never believed in you growing up. I know this to be a true fact.

When you couldn’t dare think outside of the box because you would never be good enough. Me again.

How could you possibly have faith in yourself if you were always taught to be faithless and to remain as small as possible. Yup, me.

I want you to know that I have faith in and believe in you no matter what path you’re on.

Please believe in yourself especially when no one else will because in the end you’re all that you have!!! đź’™

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NC girl getting healthy. Come visit me and say hello.
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2 Responses to You, believe

  1. eye candy says:

    sorry I haven’t responded to your blog but I enjoy them all.
    My cousin’s second husband wasn’t encouraging to her son from her first marriage at all. In fact Jason, (he’ll never know I used his name) changed his last name to my uncle’s, his grandfather’s last name because my uncle believed in him. Jason lives near his mother and step-father but they weren’t invited to his wedding and he talks to them maybe 1-3 times a year. Jason’s father’s sister and I are friends for over 50 years and I introduced them to each other and her sister whom I don’t know. All families are f**ked up.
    I have always encouraged my sons to try everything when they lived home. They both had many jobs until they found themselves and now are blue collar workers who own their business’. Never ever give up on yourself or your children.
    My husband was dyslexic but no knew until our oldest son was diagnosed in 2nd grade. His asshole sister called him dummie etc. until he opened his own custom furniture factory and he was over 30 then. Never give up and keep pushing yourself!!
    You’re doing amazing and loving your new career is wonderful.

  2. Carol Anne says:

    Thanks for this encouraging post! I needed it! ❤

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