Remember Thumper

My friend Michelle who I used to work with and I miss very much, used to tell me this sometimes when I was feeling down. And I came across this image and thought of her immediately

This is your Monday message because it’s true. We are kind and we are important but we must also be this way to ourselves

If you think positive oh, you will speak positive. If you think negative oh, you will speak negative

Today’s message and you’re to do job for today, is to think positive about yourself and do not speak negative. I’m going to try that myself.

If you know anything about me you know that I never see nice things about myself very often. That has to change this must change

There is no way the things that I say to myself I would say to anybody else. But I don’t hesitate to say it to myself

Speak only to yourself with good thoughts Good Vibes and a good message

What was it that Thumpers mama told him. If you can’t say nothing nice, don’t say nothing at all

And that includes yourself

I believe in you. Now you just need to believe in yourself

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2 Responses to Remember Thumper

  1. Amen Angel! You are a gift and are immensely KIND, SmART, and IMPORTANT. For if it was not for you then we here in your blogging world and friends would have seent his message. So, thank you for this reminder and as always a gift for us all to remember. Cheers Angel.

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