NOW is the time to begin the rest of your life.

NOW is the time to finish this frustrating chapter you’re sick of reading, pages you want to rip out and burn if only to warm the coldness you feel for the choices you’ve made.

NOW is the time to start writing a new book with new characters and a new narrative.

NOW is the time to put on your cape and be the hero you’ve always been but never knew you needed.

I know though, it’s hard, it really is, because you don’t have the money, don’t know where to go, don’t want to go alone, have never done anything like this, have a head full of worries and doubts and what ifs and “how will I even…” and “you don’t understand…” and “I could never…” and “I need more time…” and “it’s not the right time…” and “I can’t decide…” and…

Fuck it.

Go anyway.

“Fuck it. I’m doing it.”

Try saying that out loud.

And again.

Now go out and let the world scare you and see how brave you become.

Go be broke and learn how survival lurks around every corner and how it always works out somehow in some way.

Go laugh until your stomach aches. Go climb mountains where the open road ends. Go find love in new eyes and stare at a stranger who may change your life.

Go feel lonely and hurt. Go honor self-worth and go shatter self-doubt and discover the blooming blossoms in the upturn of your mouth.

Go gaze at stars, have breakdowns and breakthroughs, eat good food, and do whatever you want to do. Go be free. Go have fun. Go and let your heart decide how, and where, and why.

Not many people on their deathbed regret following their heart, but do you know what they do regret?

They regret living small.

They regret playing safe.

They regret never trying to feel truly alive.

They regret not believing in themselves enough to live the life they desire.

Don’t be one of those fucking people, okay?

Have an awesome and blessed Sunday
Ride Safe / Ride Free

Oh…. and GO Patriots

About Banded Carolina Girl

NC girl getting healthy. Come visit me and say hello.
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1 Response to Now…

  1. Eye Candy says:

    you’re right!!!!!!!!! My #1 bucket list was always to go to Hawaii. I only need $15-$20,000. to dot he trip I want. Because I can’t sit long, I would need to stop on the west coast both ways to rest the back. Told my husband the other day, I doubt I’ll make it to Hawaii, so spread my ashes there so I know I went. I’m Jewish and we aren’t suppose to be cremated even though people do it.
    I hope everyone is rooting for the PATS!! today. Yes, I’m from Boston. Friday night ate at a restaurant across the street from Gillette Stadium. Interesting, it was not lite up other the stadium’s sign.
    Enjoy your Sunday.

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