This is me yesterday. I was just thinking about how lucky and happy I am. That thing in the middle is my red Doberman and that was his soccer ball keyword being was.

Life is short and the days pass quickly. I’ve noticed they pass faster the older I get haha.

Last night, a man got dressed and went to work probably kiss his family goodbye and maybe have lunch with his friends that day maybe. And then later on that night, two thugs ambushed him and shot him. The policeman survived the surgery and is recuperating. Two people are in custody for that thank heavens.

But that was his life. Everyday we all get up and anything can happen to us. He just went to work and was doing his thing. Everybody has one life. It took me a long time to understand how to let things go. Not to stress over the b*******. Because b******* happens each and every day. It’s how you let it affect you.

We cannot live our lives concerned what others think or what they do. It’s not our business to be concerned with what they think or do. I spent way too many years worrying about if somebody mad at me, why are they talking to me, I wonder if they like me,. I did that my entire life. My mom wants her heart as mean as she was and miserable as she was. Made me feel so inadequate I just wanted to be liked by somebody. Hell my mom didn’t even like me so I must have sucked as a person.

And so for many years, I don’t like myself. Even after I had WLS. Then look how I ended up with that. Hey so what I gained some weight back is that the end of the world? No and it’s not the end of the story. My life, my health is up most important to me now. I have to do this for myself.

Slowly but surely I keep believing that will each step that I take, some more painful than the others, is making me better it has to be. I have to be positive I have to keep thinking positive. My friends, my husband, they can’t do this for me it has to come from within. I have to do …

So today, take just a moment think of one thing that you’re thankful or grateful for. It could be whatever doesn’t have to be something outrageous like I’m grateful for living in this country or grateful that I drive a Mercedes Benz or grateful that I live in a two-million-dollar house. Think of something small that you’re grateful for. Because some people don’t have those little things that you’re grateful for.

I’m grateful for toilet paper. I’m grateful for socks. I’m grateful for electricity. I’m grateful to have a running car. I’m grateful for a dollar and $0.48 for a large black coffee at McDonald’s.

Is those little things. And those little things add up. Sure I’m grateful for bigger things you know like my house but the little things means so much

The place that I work at now, is a rehab facility for elderly. About half of the patients there will live there forever until they are called heaven. Since I’ve been working there it has made me realize how lucky I am. Even when I’m mad as hell at him, hubby, for being a slob or missing those laundry basket or just making a mess after I cleaned it, I’m lucky to have him. He makes my lunch every day and puts it in the car for me to drive. That one little thing I would miss terribly if something happened to him. Of course I miss everything but you come to realize those little things matter

And I posted a picture of myself that was took yesterday afternoon about I don’t know 5:15 ish. I just got home from work had a great conversation with my friend eye candy and boom there’s the picture.

I believe in you please believe in yourself. As usual thanks for reading if you do. Leave a comment down below if you want to. It’s cold here this morning, 29 or 30 degrees. How cold is it where you are?

Never give up

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1 Response to Me..

  1. Eye Candy says:

    Not thankful Thursday for 33 out but feels like 23 but extremely thankful NO SNOW!! Boston has been very lucky with just rain this season. I’m thankful I have a car starter, uses a lot of fuel but a warm car is super. I always have cloth seats, hate leather ones. You are cold in the winter and stick to them in the summer.
    Tell the ball destroyer, that Franklin Sporting’s warehouse about 5 miles from me. They have huge weekend sales a few times a year.
    Everyone enjoy your Thankful Thursday. I have PT for my shoulder today in the clinic and tomorrow morning in the heated 92 degree pool.

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