Do nothing…

When was the last time you did a whole day of nothing? Everyone needs some time and space; make a commitment to doing nothing. I invite you to find a day this week “to do nothing.”

And no cheating, either; you’re not allowed to sit around feeling guilty about what you aren’t getting done, because feeling guilty is a whole lot of “doing” if you ask me. You don’t have to do it for a week or even a whole day at a time, you can set aside an hour to do nothing.

It might take some practice to calm your mind and will probably take a few tries before you can naturally stop the flow of the exhaust of doing, feeling that you have to go 24/7.

As you drift into bliss think about creating your play day. What does it look like, feel like or sound like? Its so worth it. Tell your to do list to take a hike. Yep, toss it!

As always thanks for reading. If you feel like it, leave a comment down below. I would love to hear from you good bad or ugly.

and definitely let me know about the day you decided to let it go….

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1 Response to Do nothing…

  1. Eye Candy says:

    unfortunately or fortunately I have too many me hours/days etc. It can get boring. But Sunday is my day to sit and read the Boston Sunday newspapers. I really enjoy that, me time. I use to buy the 2 papers everyday but that cost about $4. per day. So now it’s Wednesday, the food sections and the Sunday ones which cost around $8-9. Expensive habit.
    I also watch toooo many Hallmark movies. CG and my husband got me hooked on them. They seem to always end with kissing etc. OH MY.
    Just a bit of useful/useless info. I went for my annual dermatologist appointment today. His words, you can never over moisturize, which I do. When cleaning, washing dishes always wear gloves, I do, and use moisturizer and the heat from the water makes your hands feel wonderful. I’ve been doing this for many many years. I also apply lotion to the whole body every morning while the skin is still damp. Doctor said I have great skin. I’m 68, so that is a great thing to hear.
    Have a wonderful evening.

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