Bowel movements 101

How is your bowel movements, I mean seriously? When I came out of retirement, I was going number 2 quite a bit and had to take Imodium AD to calm down. I think it had a lot to do with all that greasy fast food I was eating and of course the wine. I bet you didn’t know that drinking a lot of alcohol can give you the runs.

Well I am happy to report that I seem to be doing much better in that area. I’m having regular bowel movements that are related to me. I have come to find out through reading and speaking to people, that most people have one or two bowel movements per day. But some people can have more or they can have less it just depends on the person. I do know that I can go a day without having a bowel movement but the next day it does tend to come out a little bit stronger. That make sense?

So I think with a healthy diet consisting of good fruit, protein vegetables, and lots of water, I think regular bowel movements are wonderful thing.

I say this because the last years, you can ask a couple of my friends, it was always hard for me to go anywhere because I was afraid I was going to go to the bathroom. Especially when we were traveling or driving somewhere. I will take Imodium AD. I wouldn’t drink I wouldn’t eat and I was scared the entire time because I was afraid I was going to go number 2

Now what I had WLS, there was a few times that I did go in my underwear and there was nothing that I could do. So I’ve always had extra pair of clothes at work with me I don’t do that anymore but that was when it started it was after the surgery. And it was mainly due to the fact that I was on a liquid diet. Remember water in water out.

I was just thinking about that yesterday because yesterday I did not take an Imodium AD I didn’t have any. I usually try to take one every day because I don’t want my tummy to be upset. And at the last place that I worked at before where I work now, the bathroom was very far away from me and with my bad knee I was always afraid that it would take me too long to stand up and walk the 85 steps to the bathroom and ruin my underwear you can ask my friend Michelle about that episode

Now the bathroom is not that far for me and I guess yesterday I feel comfortable and I realize that when I went home and before I got into the bathtub, I apologize TMI, I went to the bathroom and I thought to myself hey this is weird I’m going to the bathroom with no problems. No stress no drama no diarrhea

This is probably not the post that you would want to read today and I certainly don’t blame you but it is a fact of life that all of us go poop and poop is good.

So if you’re eating healthy foods I’m so proud of you.

Make sure you drink when when you’re thirsty and if you think that you’re hungry or you’re bored drink something and see if that works. Especially if it’s cold. I found that out when I was doing a 30-day liquid diet before my surgery. I was very hungry and then I started thinking well am I really hungry or am I just thinking I’m hungry because it’s lunch time or dinner time or because somebody is eating Etc.

Eat when you’re hungry if you’re not hungry, then don’t eat. Think about the same way you go to the bathroom. If you don’t have to go to the bathroom you don’t go.

So comment down below let me hear from you and he thought suggestions whatever or even just say hey or tell me what your favorite Elvis song is. I would love to hear from you

PS if you read this thank you

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5 Responses to Bowel movements 101

  1. Eye Candy says:

    poop talk: since my WLS 6+ years ago I’ve had prescriptions for liquid Colace and Miralax. I put the Colace into my morning shakes and Miralax as needed. I chew Fiber Choice,2-4 per day. My poops are hard even with help. Everyone is so different.
    Elvis-on the radio the other day was Blue Christmas, super great song! Whenever there are blue lights at the holidays, my husband sings that song. Very cute and funny.

  2. LT says:

    Atkins Protein Shakes. They are good protein, low sugar/carbs, and they help me “go” without any stomach pain. I don’t know what it is, but those shakes work wonders for me. If I have a day or 2 without “going”, I’ll have a ready-to-drink Atkins shake and I can guarantee I will go within 20 minutes….AND, it’s solid and not uncomfortable. 🙂

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