Goals for this week

Here I am starting week number to since coming out of retirement, and I must say I’m feeling very positive. I’m feeling very mentally strong. I’m feeling very mentally capable of getting things back in order like they should be. I have my husband in my corner, I have a couple of good friends of mine who are supporting me and understanding and I also have myself. Where have you been girl I’ve missed you

Goals for this week are as follows number one, no white bread, no potatoes, no rice or pasta. However I have allowed myself to have low carb diet wheat bread. My husband last night found thinly sliced wheat bread, hot dog buns, and also thin small wheat tortillas. And in fact I just finished a tortilla and it’s very good,

Goal number two and this is a big one portion control. It’s very important to have portion control. For example if you want to eat a whole pizza that’s not portion control. If you eat one slice or two slices all the while knowing you could probably eat the rest of that pizza, that’s portion control. Last week I reordered a24 piece set of Lock & Lock containers from QVC. They were 2499 for the little plastic containers that measure out to 8 oz. They’re plastic lids and plastic bottoms that lock together when you snap it shut they are microwave-safe however do not use the lid on top as I found out a couple of months ago otherwise the lid will be stuck . Whatever goes into that container is my food for the day. So that goes the chicken salad that goes beans bat goes vegetables, fruit, whatever the mule is, that is what I will eat no more no less. Now what type of weight loss surgery that I have, the lap band with plication, has made my stomach smaller than it used to be. I can only eat so much so it’s vital that I go back to eat in better quality foods. Yes I can only eat so much. So it’s wise to choose better quality food. Empty calories, High calories, high salt content, high fat content, high-calorie, and what do you think happens when you eat all of that? If you take in more calories than you can burn off, you will gain weight. That is how life goes. Sucks I know. So since I can’t exercise at the moment due to my knees I have to make sure that I am watching my caloric intake. I do not like to consider myself on a diet I’m not restricted anyting. I am only limiting how much I’m eating so I can lose weight. If my knees were working I would be out walking and I wouldn’t be so overly concerned about calories but I can’t so I have to do it this way and I’m hoping as the days go by and turn into weeks and possibly months, I’m hoping my knees will hold out and let me start walking a little bit farther.

Only do two goals but I’m going to add on another one just because it’s very important to me, I am no longer going to purchase clothes. I have a closet full of clothes that I cannot wear or fit into that are practically brand-new and that I love. I will be in those clothes again. So buy me buying big clothes, is not really encouraging me to do better. So I am now only going to wear what I have purchased these last months I suppose, it’s slowly watch them get baggy and baggy on me and I will be in those other clothes.

So those are my three goals this week. My goals last week as a reminder was no snacking and no alcohol. I am proud to say that my first week out of retirement came to a wonderful close and that I held true to my two things that I was going to do without. I am most proud of that because alcohol is empty calories and the amount that I was drinking, was a lot of empty calories period and again as a reminder 3 500 calories equals a pound whether it’s liquid or food. And I bring pretty much guarantee you that I didn’t get to the way that I am now or even prior when I was much higher by just drinking water and eating lettuce.

My mental thought process is going well. I am still journaling heavily putting my feelings onto paper, I am speaking and talking to my husband advised him of how I feel and what I am doing and what I want making him understand that this is very important to me. I am also finding images of pictures of quotes and sayings to encourage myself. And I’m even posted those all my Facebook timeline. Most of the time I just post dogs motorcycles and UNC basketball. But I am throwing in these things now because even though people can look at me and tell that I have a weight problem, I want people to know and feel positive when they come in contact with me. Because I’ve been so negative for a long time, a year or two maybe even 3, that I am out of that I want to be a better person. I am a better person today and I was a week ago. No doubt about it.

Now this weekend was my first weekend when my husband had stuff to do and as I reflect mentioned, that I would drink a lot more when he was gone and you know what I am so proud of myself that I did not have not one drop. I’m not an alcoholic but I know that if I continued on that track I would have been there’s no doubt in my mind. I do not want to end up being a fat alcoholic. That’s just how it is that’s the truth.

Again I have to think about this 24/7. I am in control of everything that I do. Either I do it or I don’t. Either you do it or you don’t. You have to do it to make it happen. In Granite it’s only been one week, but just imagine what I was two weeks ago. I’m a totally different person then I was. I actually feel good about myself. And I do not say that very often.

I’m a very in person I have a small group of people that know me or that I will allow to know the real me and the outside world just sees the person in front of them. I’m a great actress so I can act happy. But I’m tired of acting, I’m going to be me again. And like I said I’m seeing bits and pieces of her again. And I like it.

So this week I’m going to continue on eating good food, and Portion Control limits. Again I’m not on a diet I’m just restricted my caloric intake due to the fact that I cannot move to burn off excess calories that I intake. I know somebody out there in the world may go yeah you are on a diet, I do not die it to me Diet means I can’t eat that I can’t have that I can’t do this. I can have whatever the f*** I want anytime I want. I now choose not to. I am eating good food. Today for lunch example my husband made for me yes my husband makes my lunch and my dinner he puts it in his portion control containers and he’s doing the same thing. I have fresh chicken salad. He boil the chicken that I stood up in small pieces added mayonnaise, yes real mayonnaise, add a little bit onion, a little bit of egg and he put a dollop on the very thin small wheat tortilla and he wrapped it up and let me tell you child that was awesomely good and extremely feeling. I should have took a damn picture. For snacks, yes I do not snack but I do have a protein snack during the day. Snacking to me is potato chips empty kalorik food that’s a snack eating when I’m not hungry or was commonly known as grazing. I have protein bars for snacks as well as hard boiled eggs. The thing for me is protein. If I’m hungry I’m going to have protein or I’m going to drink. I drink only water and my Crystal Light peach tea which is my preferred. My husband does get me McDonald’s sweet tea but it’s half and half and it usually ends up being too sweet so he pours out half of that and even as water into it if you can believe it.

So as this post comes to an end I really hope you have a wonderful day and I really hope you have a fantastic week. Comment down below and let me know what your thoughts are of of that anything I wrote good or bad. And remember we all do things differently we have our own ways of eating how we like to eat what we like to eat when we like to eat and we have our own ways of thinking and seeing things but whatever works for you, let it work

You have any suggestions, questions, concerns, or you just want to stop by and go hey I think University of North Carolina basketball socks, if you say that then I will have to beat you up. November 6th is their first game I’m so excited.

Do this for you, do this for you and only you because only you can make yourself well.

One of my favorite quotes is if it is to be then it is up to me

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3 Responses to Goals for this week

  1. Eye Candy says:

    I love pizza! In Boston we have bar pizza. One place I go they have cracker crust which is 1/2 the thickness. A pizza is small and I eat 1/2. Also, Trader Joe’s cauliflower crust cheese pizza is super. I hate cauliflower. A pizza is 2-3 servings. I put olive oil on the sheet pan before I cook it. I don’t veggie but veggies are healthier on pizza. Good luck with your new you CG!!

  2. geekkat says:

    You are doing great!! Just have to keep your eye on the prize 🙂

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