Get you a goal

I’m not talking about your final goal. Of course we all have a final goal and what we want what we want to look like or where we want to be.

I’m talking about a very short-term goal in the near future. Something that you can aim for. I mean it could be something simple like I want to lose 10 lbs this month or I want to cut my hair short and dye it purple and green. Or it could be I will walk to work instead of driving my car everyday. It could be whatever you want. YOU

So think about it. Take a moment and think about something short-term that you would want to aim for. Go ahead I’ll wait

Okay are you ready? I have a goal for April and I have one also for the 4th of July weekend. I’m not ready to tell you about that yet because I’m sort of still uncomfortable about it and my weight and my knee situation. My knee situation is what’s holding me back from those two goals aside my weight of course. But me being me, and my promise to tell you the true story of my so-called comeback, I will.

I haven’t been able to ride on the back of my husband’s motorcycle this year for my weight and for my knee problems. And they are problems. But to every problem there is a solution. I love that line from the movie Philadelphia starring Tom Hanks fantastic movie. But it is true there is a solution to every problem. I can get mad, I could cry oh, I can do whatever until I woman up and do something about it, nothing will change.

So my goal for April and it doesn’t have to be April 1st or April 15th it could be the last day of April, I don’t care but my goal April is very important to me I want to be able to get on the back of the motorcycle and ride with my husband again. My right knee is the one that hurts the worst that’s the one that I used to stand on the spike and get on with. But I plan on doing it.

The one for July it’s far off I understand but we’re going to spend a week at the beach with my dog cuz I found a wonderful Motel / hotels / Beach Paradise condo where they allow dogs and because mine is trained and housebroken and our baby, they don’t mind him coming. It’s like a 2-minute walk to the beach which is a private beach. There is a lot of lot of sand and it’s up a little steep hill to get over the Cove to the beach. I couldn’t do that last year when we went my knee couldn’t do it. I was too big, 2 out of breath. 2 you name it. I couldn’t do it. I did go to the beach my husband drove about 2 mi down to the beach Main area and enjoy the water there. And also on the 4th they’re going to have a big firework celebration down here in a little place called Emerald Isle and I plan on being able to walk and enjoy the sites with my husband.

Anyway that’s my goal for July and that’s kind of a long way off and I’m not really focusing on that one right now because it has to do with me being more mobile with my knee and in order for that to happen I have to lose weight.

I’m thinking about April because it’s really not that far off but it is like, you know next year just like July haha obviously. But now that I have told not only you, the world, or anybody who reads this, but I also told my husband and so now I feel like I have to do this. I need to do this. There is no I want to do this or I think I can do this. This is hey girl, you are going to do this.

Now it rained here yesterday and the weather dropped about 20 to 30 degrees and this morning it’s in the low forties and I noticed with my knee and my arthritis that when there’s a cold front or the dance last rain, my knees get very very stiff. That is not an excuse. I can’t do much in the way of exercise so I will eat better which means I will eat healthy and I will stick to better eating Foods. And one thing I know that works, is to drink something cold. If you’re hungry you’re most likely just thirsty, so drink something. So I drunk a lot yesterday.

Today I will most likely do the same thing. I was reading something again on Harvard medical blog that I found, and they were talking about weight loss tales that they think are great but don’t really work. Especially the ones that say eat five and six times a day. Now you do it works for you screw what anybody else thinks or does because hey if it works for you f****** do it. So what they said the best way to eat that they found works for them, just to have two good meals a day.

Oh no what does that mean I can’t have three meals a day. like it’s scheduled breakfast lunch and dinner? How many people do you know each breakfast or who hates eating breakfast,? I happen to know quite a few people who hate breakfast, myself being one of them. And that is why I protein shake or a protein bar is wonderful for breakfast. Or drink coffee if that’s what somebody wants for breakfast. I happen to know that Wolfgang Puck does not eat breakfast he drinks a double espresso. Now I know how do I know that ? it’s on his blog.

And I’m thinking to myself this last week that’s pretty much what I’m doing. Because I don’t really eat breakfast. But I do eat a nice lunch and then I eat dinner and then I have like a protein bar snack. Please note again that if you read my blog this week, I made one of my goals for this week to be no snacking. I do not consider a protein bar a snack.

Picture your body like a car if you run out of gas you’re not going to be able to do anything and being a professional yo-yo Dieter who has come out of retirement I know that if I do without, deprive, starve, that eventually I’m just going to say screw it and eat the whole bag of chips, go to McDonald’s or the whole pizza, drink a case of beer… So if you want to eat something sweet, crispy, salty, you know find you a healthier option. Earlier in the week I posted a little chart that gave you some wonderful option. Hey and in the comments if you come across some other ideas for any of the readers on here, post it.

So back to the two meals a day, I think that works for me. But when I’m eating two meals I’m not eat a whole pizza and I’m not eating 17 sandwiches, it’s still healthy options that I’m choosing to have. And don’t forget tomorrow I’m posting my next two possibly three things next week then I’m going to change and start putting into effect. As a reminder this past week I stopped drinking alcohol and I stop snacking completely. And again my snacking was potato chips Cheez-It Etc.

So find you a goal. Do you want to make it your final goal, so be it or, find you a very short one maybe you want to do something by Halloween or by Thanksgiving, challenge yourself.

I am going hour by hour, day by day, week by week. That is how I have to do this. I have to think about this every second of the day. I have to make me a priority. Nobody could do this for me except myself. It has to be important. I have to do it I have to do this to be able to walk.

Now last night I missed a great Halloween party and I felt kind of sad that I didn’t go but I made the right decision by not going. I would have probably went there started drinking and probably eating whatever food they had out period or would I have remained in control? Well we’ll never know now because that day is history in my past and will never return.

Today I feel great. 7 days no alcohol no snacks. Have I lost weight, no idea I don’t own a scale. That’s another story for another day. Being a retired professional yo-yo Dieter who is now coming out of retirement, I had a long love affair with a scale. But hey do you what works for you.

How I noticed a change after 7 days, I think so. I’m waking up easier and I like my head not hurting from a headache from the wine and I also like like I mentioned yesterday, my bathroom habits seem to be better which is fantastic, less stress. I’m not really worried because my clothes will tell me if I’ve lost weight. The looser and baggy they get, that will tell me I’ve lost weight as the more mobile I become, that will also tell me I’ve lost weight. You can drink 8 oz of something weigh yourself and you will be up in 8 oz. You can take a huge #2 and be down whatever. It’s like a yo-yo and I refuse to be back into that mindset. So I will focus on the clothes.

I posted an image last night it says don’t let this weekend ruin what you did last week. It’s somebody’s Monday in this world or could be somebody’s Friday in this world. A day is a day. Your body doesn’t know it’s a Sunday. It doesn’t give you the need to pig out. Nothing wrong with eating something that’s not the greatest choice but as long as you can control it, go for it. Right now I want to be in control, I am in control I am going to control what goes into my mouth into my body. But this week has built my confidence, it has showed me that I am capable of being in control of myself. I am an intelligent person I will control my emotions and not let my emotions control me.

Yes that was from the pledge for the group take off pounds sensibly. A wonderful support group if you have one in your area. When my husband and I were stationed in Macon Georgia at Warner Robins Air Force Base, I was the leader for 2 or 3 years there of a group there and had a wonderful time and had great success. So if you need support that might be something for you to check out in your area. Just go to their website take off pounds sensibly and put in your location ZIP code and find one nearest you.

So have a wonderful Sunday. Know that you are an amazing person and you can do this. There is no doubt in my mind that if I want this to happen, I will do it.

So if you’re reading this, if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or you just want to go hey, what’s going on today, please comment down below.

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3 Responses to Get you a goal

  1. Eye Candy says:

    perfect!! thank you. I have a shake around 11-1 and a salad about 3-4 and then dinner whenever, any where from 7-9. Everyone does do what is good for them.

  2. Could not have said it better…..each to their own and keep going

  3. LT says:

    Love your attitude! Thanks for keeping a blog for all of us to see. One of my favorite sayings is: “What other people think about me is none of my business.” In other words, Do You!, and don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. A LOT of my weight issues stem from poor self-esteem. It feels so liberating to focus on ME and give my worries to God. He will handle things WAY better than I ever can on my own. Hope you have a great day!

    Oh, in case someone wants ideas…. I do a protein shake for breakfast (I don’t want to eat anything in the morning either), lunch is high protein, small portions, and same goes for dinner. I’m prepping my food at home (not eating out) which is HUGE for me. I used to be a dinner-out addict. If I’m feeling hungry, I do another shake or protein bar in the afternoon or evening. If I don’t “want” a shake or bar, then my body is not truly hungry and I don’t need to eat anything. Oh, and I’m TRYING to be better about water intake. Crystal Light helps!!

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