Meaning of diet

A big thank you to my friend eye candy, for this image. This is exactly what I believe diet means.

In order for me to succeed, I have to think about myself 24 hours a day. I have to put eating better, no alcohol, and remaining positive even though I have bad knees all the time. I have to not think about bad things, mainly my past, and try to block out all of the negativity. I could sit here and blame everybody for my weight, but it’s my fault, the lap band that I have works. It’s a Wonderful surgery I had wonderful success but I stopped helping it. It was me that chose to overeat. It was me that shows eat fast food again. It was me that chose to drink more and more. It was me that stopped exercising.

And it’s going to be me, that makes it work again. For my knees mainly, for me to be able to ride on the motorcycle again, for me to walk even just a little bit again with my husband, and for me to be able to once again say you did good

If it is to happen, I have to make it happen. I’m on day 4. I feel good. I feel positive, I feel strong. My husband is helping me a lot again and it kind of feels like it was when I first started with WLS.

So read that image over and over if you need to. Eye candy knew what she was sending me. I like it

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3 Responses to Meaning of diet

  1. Eye Candy says:

    I’m happy you like this. Thought it was wonderful. You added a lot more which is true.

  2. Great to read your stuff again. I have not seen it for a bit. Probably me not paying attention. Regardless it is great to see your stuff up again. Jose.

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