It is up to you..

The goal today is to be better than I was yesterday.

A life of structure, and consistency is an amazing thing. I don’t know what today will bring or what my future holds, but I do know that those days, I will try to give the best version of me, the happiest version of me, the most confident version of me, the smartest version of me, the hardest working version of me, the most passionate version of me, the most honest version of me, the best version of me, period.

It’s on us to live as who we want to be and what we want to be.

About North Carolina Keto Girl

NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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3 Responses to It is up to you..

  1. So great to hear from you again. Lovely to hear the strong YOU coming out in your words. Looking forward to more, much more of that.

    • yes my friend….almost a month since i have been (back?) but am doing well…..mind over matter……some days its harder than the others but i just gotta keep on for me……for my knees…..HOW are you?

      • I am doing well. So glad to have you back. You know, I had surgery on one of my knees many years ago and I have noticed a bit of pain. I do some stretching before I get up every day and it has helped a lot. I hope you get better so you can continue with your plans and goals. Have a great one. Hey, do you have an instagram account?

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