Who, what, when, where, why, how?

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Who: what, when, where, why, how?

You do not get fat simply because of what you eat.

You do not get fat simply because of when you eat.

You do not get fat simply because of where you eat.

You do not get fat simply because of why you eat.

You do not get fat simply because of how you eat.

Even though we still need to ask ourselves, what, when, where, why, and how are you eating?

You get fat because of who you are. And who you are is responsible for all the above. Which, when lived all together in an unhealthy manner will, without a doubt, result in you losing control of your weight.

Yes, one might gain some extra weight because they *love* food. But if we really loved food we would understand that the planning, preparation, and consumption of food besides being an experience in itself, is also a continuum of the experience that is life. Thus, in our obesity we can appreciate that our need to eat goes beyond produce on which we are engorging. Our ridiculous weight gain, and consequently our inability to loose weight, lies in not answering honestly (sometimes because we really do not know how, and other times because we blatantly refuse to do so) the above question, and eventually not monitoring all those five aspects of our situation.

This creates a situation where we develop an unhealthy relationship with food, leading to all the complications that may arise therafter. Unfortunately, what usually happens is that one tries their best to keep in check any one of the above, and they might also see some results at first but fails to account for all of the simultaneously.

Unless there is enough insight and enough will to constantly work and maintain these five aspects there is a high risk that one of the following situations will develop:

We start to lose weight, but it takes a ridiculous long time and we end up disheartened.
– We see our weight yo-yoing, and start to believe that this is how we are destined to live.
– We manage to lose weight through determination and sacrifices, but we are left with a void that dampers our success, thus leading us to believe that we were happier before we embarked on this journey.
Each one of these end games is as bad as the others, though probably the last one is the worst for me. Not being able to fill that emptiness and having to live with a void which you know that you can stuff with a simply journey towards your goodies cupboard is soul crushing.

As promised in the beginning, this blog is, first and foremost, about my journey; my realizations, my successes, my failures. As such in the next post I will be sharing my answers to the above questions and how am I trying to deal with each one on its own and the whole lot of them together; in the attempt to understand better the “who” in me that led me towards this downwards spiral.

But meanwhile, what are your , what, when, where, why, and how? Have you ever thought about these? Have you ever considered these five aspects of your being and tried to maintain them as one? Did you see any results? And more importantly, how did that make you feel?


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