what is your focus?

i am having a bad knee day today. I am very sad and I am very depressed but I will not sway off course.

it hurts to stand/walk today have up my Motrin and wrapped it tight and will try to stay off of it as long as i can/able to rest it.really nothing else I can do at this point until we have surgery. The one thing I can do to help it is to lose weight and become more mobile.

Week 3 of getting better with eating and trying to lose. I think I am doing really well. No eating out, no snacking (which is major) and no bread, rice or pasta. And at work 5 days a week, no #3 from McDonalds and trust me, this is HELPING.

Sure I ate it and thought, its lunch, what could it hurt.
Sure I ate it and thought, I will start tomorrow and do better but I never did

Not sure what made me start over April 23rd. it’s just a date I picked out and wanted to do better
Been a long time since I wanted to. And so far, I am doing GREAT. I certainly miss being able to walk and that
Is getting me down but you can lose weight without walking. Been there/done that. I am happy to say that hub
Is also eating better although he does eat the bread LOL….

It’s hard to start over yet again but hey, I had to start somewhere. If did not start 3 weeks ago, I’d still be eating out and feeling as miserable as I ever had. I deserve better than that. My hub and Doberman deserves better than that.

I have to make myself a priority. I have to do this for me.
Without my hub, I would be lost. He makes my meals, portions them out, focus is on protein and I eat that. trust me, I do miss snacking. Bbq chips…..oh hell yeah

But I had enough fun overeating that stuff I swore off and eating whatever and not giving a rip about it. Here I am, back on the gaining side and trying to lose it again.

That doesn’t make me a failure. I am human. I am a person who chose to overeat more calories than I could burn off. It was me. Hub tried to get me to do better and so did eye candy. But I was not having it. I was no longer caring.

I care now
I have one life to live
I want to be able to walk without pain again
That is my focus at this point in time

What is your focus?

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NC girl getting healthy using Keto. Come visit me and say hello.
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2 Responses to what is your focus?

  1. geekkat says:

    To be able to do things I had started before I stumbled and started overeating again. I am portioning out things so I know I’m on the right track. I just got to keep going.

    • portion is GOOD……are you drinking your water? are you kicking processed to the curb? my thing is snacking…..i love it……but i cannot do it anymore…..so when i eat, i make it count…YOU are doing great

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