be you…

eye candy sent me a text today after i asked her to send me positive thoughts..she said to be you.

i am quite shy actually and very insecure.
i spend my time thinking people are talking or laughing at me because of what i look like (currently). i am short and plump so i look twice as wide…now i have a bad knee and sometimes i use a cane…gosh this sounds like a pity party

i have now sat up straight in the chair
head up
shoulders back
what you see is what you get attitude!!!
just because i am crippled now…doesnt mean i cannot do my job

now if the job is running or something, then yeah…..but its a desk job
i am after..send me positive vibes today….

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4 Responses to be you…

  1. I bet you are an awesome person!!! I am short and fat to and I go around thinking everyone is judging me and thinking gross BUT I am training my mind to think, do I notice these things in others? No I don’t I really don’t and I bet they have so much going on in there own minds that they just don’t have enough time to give my looks that much thought lol. It’s like if you know you have dribbled on you blouse and feel everyone is noticing, truth is most people don’t unless we point it out to them. Sending you a big hug, like myself being over weight can be worked on, being nasty inside takes a LOT more work. xox

    • your note made me feel so pretty…..thank you!!!!! It is nice to know that I am not the only one who thinks like this..I do feel the entire planet looks at me..and not Kim Kardashian…LOL ………I will take your big hug because I sure need it. Please keep in touch

  2. geekkat says:

    Sending all the positive vibes I can!! If you think it you can be it!

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