Food intake and eating

How is your food intake? How is my food intake? Well I am most proud it’s been 8 days since I have bought fast food. And that is great news not only does it save money but it’s saving on high calories greasy salty high fat foods that go into my body. So for that I am so proud of myself. As a reminder I don’t know what to say nice things about myself so be surprised haha.

Now I have basically been eaten breakfast lunch and dinner and I’m not snacking. Snacking is good for you I believe as long as it’s better chosen Foods. I’m a strong believer in if you’re hungry eat because your body is actually asking you to feed it fuel. But my kind of snacking would be all there’s a bag of chips I’m just going to eat because it’s there and I’ll eat the whole bag. I actually had a dream last night that he bought me a bag of Doritos and I ate the entire bag wow. I actually looked on the couch to make sure I wasn’t just dream and because it seems so real to me. Is that stupid or what.

But for breakfast I’ve either been eating a protein cookie a vegan cookie I should say I will post about the cookie sued with the pictures they are very very good and they’re big. I’m able to eat half of breakfast and then half later on if I get hungry in the afternoon.

For lunch I’m either eating a half grilled chicken breast or 4 to 5 oz hamburger patty period on the side. I’m either eating green beans or baked beans that are vegetarian. And because summer spring is here, cucumbers and tomatoes are yummy. I’m eating those in a bowl diced up and they are delicious.

Mother nature is going to feed us this summer I cannot wait to delve into the strawberries and watermelons and cantaloupes, the peppers, the corn? That is some good eating how can anybody say they’re starving?

And at night we’ve been eating basically the same thing steak chicken or beef cooked on the grill. I’m so proud of my husband he is also not eating bread potatoes pasta or rice ride along with me although I will eat it plain baked potato every so often.

Now it’s only been a week and a half since I’ve been back in my mindset. But I feel I’m doing well and you have to stay on track with your thoughts and your feelings in order to succeed. I mean I know what to eat I know what not to eat I know what to do I know what not to do. The choice is making it. The choice is deciding. The hard part is basically doing it day in day out and repeating for best results.

I am hoping one day I will wake up and my knee feels so good but I’ll be able to walk a half a block again and then maybe a whole block. Right now that is my goal is not about me losing all this weight to make me gorgeous again, but so I can walk without pain.

What do you want?

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